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Lisa & Mike

Hi there,

Thank you for taking time to read our book and getting to know us more. While this will tell you a lot about us we look forward to learning more about you in the future.

We are deeply honored that you are considering our family as you make this decision. We have found this process can be overwhelming and intimidating so we can only imagine what you are going through and how much you have to think about.  Please know that wherever your heart takes you with your decision we hope that you can find some comfort on this journey.   

Thank you,

Our Story

Becoming Parents Through Adoption

We have always dreamed about becoming parents and while the road has had its twists and turns due to infertility, we both believe that adoption is 100% the best blessing for us. We can’t wait for the adventure of parenting and are ready to grow our family through adoption.

Our approach to embracing adoption is always to be honest, open and patient and when all else fails you can count on us to break the ice with humor.  We can promise you that.

Mike + Lisa

We met briefly in 2004 at Lisa’s graduation from the University of Iowa. Throughout the next few years we would run into each other in Chicago at festivals, birthday parties, tailgates, and Halloween (Mike wasn’t wearing a costume but Lisa makes him wear one now). TRUE STORY, we’ll tell you all about it if you’re interested. 

That following Christmas we saw each other at an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and made plans for our first date at a small Italian restaurant that we still go to. That was 11+ years ago.

Mike according to Lisa

Everyone likes Mike. I jokingly say that our friends and family prefer him over me but it’s the truth. When we go out to big group dinners I swear people rush to snag a seat by him.  He is really personable and warm and can pretty much talk to anyone about anything.  Mike’s curiosity and engaging nature gives him the ability to connect with people from all walks of life. I think that was one of the biggest things that initially attracted me to him and why I know he will be a nurturing parent.  

Lisa according to Mike

Lisa is an incredibly driven and passionate person.  She has a quick sense of humor and has no problem breaking the ice in a room full of strangers. She cares deeply about her family and loves spending time with them. 

She loves reality TV and I don’t!  But one show we can always agree on is Top Chef.  She likes the cooking and I like the judging of the food.  Like the show, Lisa is the chef and loves to cook and I thankfully get to be the judges table.  We both agree being able to eat a home cooked meal is important, and we can’t wait to have another little seat at the judges table.


We believe that a huge factor in all of this will be our relationship with you. It is our hope that you will want to have visits and stay connected, but we know our relationship is something that will evolve overtime. If you are not comfortable hanging out from time to time in the beginning, please know that we will always be here whenever you are ready whether through phone calls, texts, social media or getting together in person, we are ready to figure it out. 

Thank you

Thank you for taking time to review our profile. We hope that you learned a little more about us and we are excited to see where this adventure takes us.


Fun Facts

  • I work in sports which tends to surprise people because I always preferred dancing over sports.
  • I’ve been known to watch really bad reality TV.  Lots of Bravo, E!, HGTV, and TLC. People want me on their trivia team based on my useless knowledge of celebrity and reality facts.
  • Mike is the first and only person to say he likes my singing voice. Apparently I can sing a 90’s tune with the best of them.
  • I am obsessed with dogs, always have been. I usually greet the dog before the human.
  • I have a bucket list of travel destinations that I want to experience as a family. Next up, Greece and London.
  • I can break it down on any dance floor at any time.
  • If I had it my way, I would eat Mexican food every day. 
  • I studied abroad in Wales my junior year of college.
  • I could watch Harry Potter movies over and over again. I wish Hogwarts was a real place.
  • I go on walks with my mom every Sunday. We can clock 10 miles in a day!
  • I am part Brazilian and have visited family there a few times.
  • I have a sports podcast with my two friends. We are going to be famous one day smiley
  • I ran up 103 flights of stairs of the Sears Tower to raise money for charity. I almost quit after the 8th floor but didn’t!
  • I have been to 8 different countries.
  • My favorite actors are Robert De Niro and Denzel Washington, if they are in it I am watching it, even the bad ones (Rocky & Bullwinkle with Robert De Niro was not his best moment).
  • I have lived in Boston and Florida but like Chicago because it feels like home.
  • I’ve made it a point to find the best places to eat in almost EVERY Chicago neighborhood. I think I could be a better host than Guy Fieri in "Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives"
  • I can play the piano.
  • Because of the previous two facts our child will have an appreciation for everything from Italian beef to Mozart. 
  • I am the last person in their 30’s on Earth without Facebook.
  • My group of childhood friends growing up have been nicknamed “The Sandlot” after the movie.

"Lisa & Mike" Family Photos

  • Uncle Mike can always calm down our nephew Wylder
  • Pit stop on a road trip through California
  • Catching up with Dan, Mike’s brother
  • Selfie with Lisa’s Goddaughter, Francesca
  • Whale watching with Mike’s family
  • Apple picking with Lisa’s family
  • Hamilton with Lisa’s sisters
  • Harry Potter meets Wild Thing
  • Kayaking with manatees
  • Aunt Li-Li with our nephew Lincoln
  • Enjoying the music at Lollapalooza
  • Lisa’s first half marathon
  • Twins ready for the Bears game!
  • Mike’s podcast ran up the Sears Tower for charity
  • Cartoons and snacks with our nephew, Lincoln
  • Christmas Eve Skating Tradition
  • Celebrating a Cubs W!
  • Bulls game with the family

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