There are two things we should give our children: one is roots and the other is wings.

Though we don’t know what has brought you to this place and time, we appreciate that you must have unfathomable strength and love to provide the deepest roots and strongest wings for your child to soar. We are honored to be considered to join you in this quest.

Adoption has always been the way we envisioned growing our family. We are so honored to have been chosen to be Myla’s adoptive parents. We can’t wait to multiply the love we have for each other by adding another child to our family. We hope our profile allows you to imagine what an adoption plan with us might look like. 

Our promise to you:

We promise to unconditionally love and care for your child with every ounce of our souls.

We promise to provide your child with every opportunity to learn and grow into a person we are all proud of.

We promise to be your child’s most faithful supporter, encouraging him or her to be thoughtful and make good decisions as they pursue their interests, while not being too afraid to make mistakes.

We promise to provide a safe and joyful home for your child, one that he or she can always return to, even as they grow and start a family of their own.

We promise that your child will always know how much you love them.

We promise to always respect you, in our words and actions. 

This is US

We met ten years ago through mutual friends and our first date was a 7-mile run together! Filled with excitement, nervousness, and the desire to impress the other, we ran a little (...or a lot) faster than we intended. Yet somehow, we managed to carry on conversation the whole way, like we were just out for a casual jog. At the end of the run, Nora picked Leigh a flower hoping it would earn another date. Two years later, we agreed without hesitation to spend the rest of our lives together. When we got married in 2013, we chose our siblings (and their partners and kids) to make up our entire wedding party!

In 2017, we were so incredibly honored to be chosen to be Myla’s moms. We have an open relationship with Myla’s birth family, and continue to be amazed by her birth mother’s strength and love. We may be biased, but we think Myla is the sweetest kid around and we have no doubt that she will be a great big sister. She loves spending time with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and especially her cousins. We are so thankful to have family members that have always celebrated and supported us and who continue to surround us with love. They all adore Myla and cannot wait for our family to grow.

Today, Nora works as a Physician Assistant, taking care of patients in the hospital. Leigh earned her PhD in Engineering and now works (from home) for a health care technology company that builds computer programs to help research cancer. We both love what we do! We also love that both of our jobs have a lot of flexibility. This allows us to make time for important people in our lives and do the activities we enjoy, like backyard barbeques with friends and family, bike adventures to our favorite beaches and playgrounds, family ping pong tournaments and cooking big breakfasts together on the weekends. We love our family traditions but are also eager to celebrate our children’s backgrounds and to embrace new traditions that help define who they are.

Parenting together has been the most rewarding aspect of our relationship and has made us both appreciate each other in new ways. We both grew up with siblings and have always wanted to have more than one child. We have a giant space in our hearts for another person to complete our family. We can’t wait to include one more on our adventures, like jumping into the waves of the lake or ocean, meandering mountain trails, reading books, exploring parks and museums, gazing at stars, breathing deep, and learning life’s lessons together.

Our community

We live on a tree-lined street in a safe and diverse neighborhood in Chicago. Living in a diverse community is very important to us. We feel equipped to make our family more diverse and we know that it will require thoughtfulness and extra effort from us to raise a child of color. We are eager to celebrate and respect our children’s background. The things that make them special make our family even more special. No matter our child’s race, we will do our best to ensure that he or she has role models of all races and walks of life.

Openness is important to us

Open adoption has never been a question for us. We know that no one can replace you and you are the roots of your child’s story. If chosen to parent your child, we will always be honest with him or her about where they come from. It is important to us that your child always knows how much you love them, and we will make sure that they do. We hope to share his or her life with you and the people important to you in whatever ways you feel comfortable, even if those ways change over time.

In our open relationship with Myla’s birth family, we keep in touch with regular visits, phone calls, texts, and sharing pictures on a private website. We would be honored to stay connected with you in similar or other ways that might work for you. We hope you will help us figure that out together.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are humbled and honored to be considered adoptive parents for your child. We are ready and excited to welcome another little one into our lives - to guide and support them through the ups downs of life and to help their roots and wings grow. We would be honored to welcome you into our lives and to share your love and support.


Fun facts

  • Loves winter and snow, even though it’s Nora who has a huge collection of winter hats.
  • Was a pole vaulter on her high school and college track teams.
  • Thinks peanut butter is an essential food group.
  • Loves math, and is excited to teach our children how to love math too!
  • Has run the Chicago marathon three times, and always seems to be smiling when she runs.
  • Is the safest biker you’ll ever meet. She’s also an expert bike mechanic and can change a flat tire faster than you can go grab the car keys.
  • Loves to swim! As a child, her parents had a tough time getting her out of any pool.
  • Taught herself how to play the guitar. She wrote Leigh a love song for their wedding anniversary.
  • Is the best listener in the world (or at least Leigh thinks so).
  • Isn’t afraid to be silly, often sings songs she doesn’t know all the words to.
  • Can’t imagine a world without ice cream…or pie.
  • Designed and built a mini playground in our backyard. 

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