Hello! We are Lauren, Evan, and Adeline and we are truly delighted to meet you.  We are so excited to continue growing our family through adoption, but can only imagine the complexity of this decision for you.  We have so much respect for the strength and courage you have had in your journey to explore adoption.  We hope that we can provide you a real glimpse into our life, but most importantly, who we are as people, parents and what our family is all about.  We are proud and humbled to be adoptive parents as it’s our commitment that our children will always be proud of who they are and where they came from.  We know the road is not always easy but we are so excited for a future that is filled with laughter, love, family and happiness because that is what life is all about!

It began with a cake

Our story began 18 years ago when we first saw each other in the halls of our high school.  As normal high school love goes, friends set us up, and eventually Evan asked Lauren to the senior prom.  Evan made a cake by hand, which had Prince Charming picking up Cinderella and going to the prom.  Lauren never actually ate the cake as, let’s say, it was more artfully done than tasty (Lauren’s opinion), but needless to say it became a part of our history.  Jump ahead to 2011 at our wedding rehearsal dinner, Lauren paid it forward by making her own cake for Evan (well, let’s be honest, she paid someone to bake it), but this time instead of Prince Charming and Cinderella, it was Lauren, Evan, and Bella (our Beagle/Terrier), running to the wedding altar.  We love the story of the cake because at 18 years old, it was the start of our life together: we just didn’t know it yet.

Our Life Today

Life can be very simple for us in many ways, because it’s really just about spending time together as a family.  We love to spend time outdoors, to hang out with friends and family, or to take Adeline on adventures!  We are lucky to live in a very safe, family-friendly Western suburb that is surrounded by hiking trails and forest preserves; our spilt level even backs up to a park with a man-made lake, walking trail, and a playground right behind our house.  The local elementary school is literally in walking distance from our house.

Lauren is a Senior Human Resource Generalist and enjoys anything creative (she has re-painted most rooms in the house three times already): this includes DIY projects, and spending too much time on Pininterest.  She also loves to shop, unfortunately for Evan!  Evan is an Ecologist working as a Senior Project Manager.  He grew up playing tennis and regularly plays with his parents and even plays with his 89 year-old grandmother! We also love to read independently and to Adeline as she is in love with books!

Meet Evan by Lauren

Evan is the nicest guy I know.  He is calm, thoughtful, loyal, and very smart.   Over the course of the twelve years we have been together, I have never questioned his loyalty or love for me, or nor to Adeline and I know that he will be the same way with our future child.  He is very good with finances; he is a planner, a saver, and thinks ahead, which I admire tremendously. He is an amazing, very hands on dad.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. 

Meet Lauren by Evan

Lauren is the sweetest, most caring person I’ve ever met.  She is always there to listen to me and provide support, and she does the same with Adeline. Lauren’s caring nature extends to her love of all animals; she has raised dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs in her lifetime.  Lauren finds it very important that our children learn compassion and empathy.  She is also very responsible, making sure that everything that needs to be done gets done…she calls herself the director of operations in our house.

Meet Adeline

Adeline is kind, patient, and observant which equates to an overall happy go lucky toddler.  Whether she is asking you to read her a book or offering you her favorite toy as a sign of hello we know that Adeline or Addie as we call her will make a great older sister.  We took placement of Adeline in February of 2017 and she felt like the missing piece of a puzzle. But now we realize our puzzle has four corners and we are so excited to welcome another child through adoption to finish our puzzle.  Adeline is introspective and extremely kind hearted and we know she will take a future sibling under her wing.


A big part of our life is family, both of our parents, and some of our siblings, live within 15 miles of our house.  Our parents and siblings play a huge role in our lives, whether its family gatherings, baby-sitting, traveling or just providing overall love and support.  We have traveled quite a bit with our families whether it’s to Washington, California, Spain, Florida, Oregon, Morocco, France or New York. What great memories we shared and these family trips will continue, but this time we hope we can add one more person to the roster and share in these adventures with.

Our friendships are also very important to us, as both sets of our friends have been part of our lives since grade school. Within Lauren’s circle there are 11 children ranging in all ages.  Lauren and Adeline spend a great amount of time on playdates and outings to the zoo, children’s museums, kid’s classes, and just enjoying good company and time together as a group.


Adoption is in both our families.  Evan has two cousins, who were adopted domestically, and Lauren has two cousins who were adopted from Ethiopia.  Lauren works part time and remotely, so she is home most days and when she does go into the office, our mothers take on baby-sitting duties!  When we welcome a second child, Evan will take time off to be with the family and we will re-evaluate what is in the best interests of our future child and Adeline in terms of Lauren’s work schedule.

Do we have all the answers? We’ll be honest: we don’t.  We continue to figure out things along the way as parents.  What we can promise though, is there will always be love, support, and a commitment for our future child and family to live a happy and loving life.  We believe strongly kids need to be kids, but also learn manners and respect.  It is incredibly important to us our children learn empathy, and have kind hearts. 

Being a diverse family we know we may face discrimination at some point and our hope is that our children will have the knowledge and confidence in themselves to stand up for what is right and to always be proud of who they are.  We are very open about our journey to adoption and will answer any questions you may have or may want to know.  At the end of the day though, it has always been about being parents not about being pregnant.  

We want to work toward creating a relationship that has open communication, supports the best interests of the child and the ability to work together so everyone feels comfortable. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts in taking the time to read a little about us we are truly grateful.

Fun facts

  • If Lauren could go back in time she would have become a vet.
  • Lauren has an obsession with olives.  Even as a child, her mom packed her olives in her lunch, and almost every meal Lauren includes olives for herself.
  • Lauren has had the same four best friends since she was six years old.
  • Unfortunately for Lauren, growing up she had braces for almost six years! Even had to have them put back on in college, this was awkward to say the least. 
  • Lauren has taken part in five cancer walks with her mother and brother within the last two years in honor of her late uncle.
  • Lauren gets defensive about Bella’s name (Our Beagle Terrier) and swears it was pre-Twilight era, although Evan debates this.
  • Lauren loves coffee especially anything with mocha or white mocha flavoring in it.
  • Lauren is not known for her cooking skills, she has been known to burn pasta and crock pot meals
  • Evan loves chocolate and would eat that all day if he could.
  • In Evan’s job he handles animals on a continual basis from shrews to lizards, from mussels to even bats!
  • Evan has to bribe Lauren to do the weekly grocery shopping with him by buying her a Dunkin Donuts coffee because she hates grocery shopping.  Hence, as you can imagine Evan is the cook in the house.
  • Evan is known for his baking skills which include his family’s legendary secret rugala and brownie recipes.
  • Evan tries to garden but fails miserably.
  • If Evan could live anywhere in the world it would be Maui, he fell in love with Maui on our honeymoon.
  • Evan loves barbecue. Whether it is ribs, pulled pork, rib tips, or brisket he enjoys barbecue and can make it really well.  He is also known to make a mean crock pot mac and cheese.
  • Evan’s favorite authors are John Grisham and Michael Crichton.

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