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Kristin & Kamil

We are humbled with the opportunity to share our lives with you and hope to have the opportunity to tell you more in person. We would be honored to listen to you tell your story, as well as your hopes and dreams for your child.

We have always known that adoption was the way we wanted to build our family. We know this is the right time for us to bring a child into our loving home and we are excited about honoring the life, family, and traditions this child already has. (Our extended families feel the same way!)

We will never pretend to know what you’re feeling… today or years from now. We respect you and wish you courage and strength in the days ahead.

Our Story

Adoption is our First Choice!

Adoption is our “Plan A.” We have always known we wanted to build our family this way and talked about it for many years before we started the process. In fact, it’s part of who we are as a family. Kamil’s step-brother was adopted as an infant and it’s such a positive part of his life.

About Us

Without a doubt, we are best friends and soulmates. We have been together for more than 16 years! (Time flies when you’re having fun.) We met in September 2001 at Columbia College and nearly 11 loving years later, Kamil asked Kristin to marry him and we whisked our closest friends and family away with us to Jamaica. We were married on the beach in a ceremony that was perfect for our family.

Both of our extended families are thrilled about our choice to adopt. They are excited for our family to grow and can’t wait to support us through this journey. We are so lucky to have supportive, involved families that we love to spend time with.

About Kamil

“Kamil has a way of making everyone feel comfortable no matter what the situation. He lights up the room and is one of the most generous people I know. He will do anything and everything to ensure our family is successful and happy.” -Kristin

Occupation: Senior Enterprise Sales Manager at a Technology Company -- I get to work from home each day and I have a flexible schedule!

Originates from: Poland! I moved here when I was 5 years old. I have a lot of family in Europe -- which gives us the amazing opportunity for international travel for our family reunions!

When I’m not at work, you can find me: Walking along the lake, working out at our gym, or on the deck grilling out. I love spending time with Kristin and Benny, our pug. Together, we can do just about anything and turn it into a fun adventure.

About Kristin

“Kristin is a very caring person and is extremely passionate when it comes to children. She has dedicated her life to improving children’s outcomes and I’m excited to watch her become the amazing mother I know she will be.” - Kamil

Occupation: Director of Special Education at an Elementary School

Originates from: Wisconsin! My great grandparents are from Poland.

When I’m not at work, you can find me: I love to listen to podcasts that help me become a better teacher, practice yoga, and go for walks by the lake. I love learning to cook new things and spending quality time at home with my family Kamil & our adorable pug, Benny.

About Benny (Our Sweet Pug!)

We love our amazing rescue pug, Benny. He’s such a lovable, goofy dog who snores and enjoys curling up on a warm lap -- yours or mine, he’s not picky! If he’s not dreaming of a delicious meal, he’s wagging his tail over the idea of going for a leisurely walk to the park. He’s famous in the neighborhood because of his good looks. We are blessed to have such a calm, snuggly, and friendly dog as our buddy.


One thing we love about adoption is that it allows for extra family to love, care for, and protect a child. What an amazing gift! We value open adoption and want to build a relationship with you in a way that makes you feel comfortable. We are flexible and easy going by nature, and this is no different.

Our Home

We live in a 3-story brick townhome in close-knit, diverse community in the heart of Chicago. We have a backyard with a grassy play area--a luxury in the city! Our townhome has a courtyard where all the neighbors spend time together catching up and playing in the fresh air.

There is also a beautiful park just a half block from our front door and several amazing schools within walking distance (one of the many reasons we picked this neighborhood for our family)!

Our Promise to You

`We promise to be loving parents and lifelong cheerleaders.
`The child who joins our home will know unconditional love from us AND our families.
`Your child will always have financial and emotional security.
`We will provide opportunities for the best education and creative experiences that will allow your child to thrive in life.
`We will always honor, respect, and speak lovingly of you in our home.

Thank you for considering us, our family, and our home.

With gratitude,

Fun Facts

  • I still sleep with a Care Bear that I received as a gift when I was born.
  • I took sign language as my foreign language in college.
  • I’m originally from the city that makes all the manhole covers in the world and I love pointing them out when we travel abroad.
  • Our family had a dog named Kitty when I was growing up.
  • I played soccer and was on the swim team in high school.
  • My best friend and I apply to be on the Best Friends episode of Wheel of Fortune every chance we get. (One day we’ll get picked!)
  • My dad taught me how to do magic tricks -- I can make a scarf disappear before your very eyes!
  • I have taught every grade in elementary school, Kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • I used to spend summers in Poland visiting my grandparents farm and have even milked a cow or two.
  • When I was 5 years old, I could speak Polish, German and English. (I can still speak Polish fluently.)
  • I love to grill delicious meals -- even when it’s snowing outside.
  • There’s a 90% chance I will make you laugh the first time we talk!
  • In my lifetime, I’ve watched the movie The Goonies more than I should probably admit.
  • I’ve known my best friend since I was 6 years old.
  • I have a record player and a small, but growing vinyl record collection.
  • I took improv classes at The Second City.

"Kristin & Kamil" Family Photos

  • We learned how to make empanadas together in Buenos Aires.
  • Kamil with our best friends’ little boy. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends who also have families.
  • Benny is sweet, gentle, and so handsome!
  • We love to travel together -- especially to sunny, warm countries!
  • Taking in a soccer game in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Kristin loves her job as the Director of Special Education at an awesome Elementary School!
  • Kristin’s students love when Kamil visits!
  • Family dinner with Kamil’s step-brother, Steve (who is also adopted!)
  • We love taking walks together after dinner to talk about our day.
  • On the weekends, we love enjoying our neighborhood together.
  • We love holiday traditions, ugly sweaters and all!
  • Benny’s part of our family and loves a good road trip!
  • Celebrating Steve and Sarah’s wedding with family in Portland, Oregon
  • Spending the 4th of July with our sweet niece
  • We were so lucky to attend the winning NLCS Championship Cubs game together!
  • Our family cottage in Northern Wisconsin that we visit every summer

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