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Julijana & Troy

As you are considering what is best for your child, we are hopeful that the decision you make will  bring you and your child peace. Please know that even when it seems like the door is closing, there is always a window, even only with the smallest ray of light. Let that light and warmth follow you in finding the life path for your baby and yourself.

Our decision to adopt was a natural one, since we have many family members and friends who have been touched by adoption. Recently, Troy’s childhood friend adopted a little girl Cybill, and our close friends adopted a little boy Sam, six years ago. We also have two friends who are adults now, and are adopted. Talking to our friends about their experiences brought us strength and hope that one day we will be as lucky and happy as they are.

Our Story

Although our personalities are quite the opposite (Julijana is an extrovert and Troy the introvert) our common thread is our similar upbringing and the strength of family values. We really enjoy spending time with family and friends, especially hosting holiday gatherings at our home. Our other passion is travel, either it being a well planned trip overseas or just a few-hour drive to Michigan or Troy’s mom’s farm in Central Illinois. As kids, we both liked camping and the outdoors as well as skiing and would love to, one day, share similar adventures with our children.


To quote one of her students: “If Julijana turned into a T-Rex she’d be the coolest T-Rex in the  world.” As a second grade teacher, Julijana’s face lights up when she talks about the things that  happen in the classroom on any given day. She calls them “my kids” as she feels like a mom of  twenty-four. I know that her students are a source of pride and inspiration. She is a great teacher because of her ability to speak to anyone about anything. Kids do respond to that. I can picture her, one day, bringing the same excitement, warmth and support to our kids. She impresses me every day, with her energy, warmth and determination. I admire her courage to never feel afraid to speak up for what’s right. Opposite her thoughtful and analytical side she has a goofy side to her as well. I love how she can quote every episode of Friends and Seinfeld, as she giggles like a little kid (although she has seen every episode a thousand times!).

ABOUT TROY  (by Julijana)

Troy’s sense humor is contagious. In his quiet yet powerful way, he brings the sunshine to everyone around him. Often, during the day he sends me silly links of puppies or kids doing funny things. I thank my lucky stars for making our paths join. Having his unconditional support is precious as his calmness and patience put me at ease which allows me to talk to him about anything. He is my shoulder to cry on when life gets tough, and he is my partner in crime when we face new  adventures. Troy is an amazing husband, giving, kind and generous, and I can’t wait to see him as a dad. He helped raise his nieces Cailynn and Cassidie, who adore him, and has so many funny stories about them growing up…


We cannot wait to introduce our child to all the interests we already have, and let them lead us into experiencing new ones. In this modern day and time, spending quality time with your child is precious, whether it is kicking a soccer ball in the park, exploring different cultures though travel, or having fun being a little scientist at the Museum of Science and Industry. Both of us had parents who encouraged us to be curious, creative and active, so this is the way we would like to raise our child. No matter how busy things become, being observant, enjoying the world around us through simple conversation and laughter and spending time in nature helps us to balance our lives.

We recently moved into our cozy and spacious condo in an urban yet family friendly environment. We are just two blocks away from the Lake and are surrounded by four small parks, all within walking distance. We also enjoy visiting Julijana’s parents in a quiet suburb just a twenty-minute drive away, as well as taking trips to Troy’s mom’s quaint farmhouse in Central Illinois. When it comes to childcare, we are lucky to have fairly flexible schedules. Troy, as a network engineer can work from home when and if needed. Julijana as a teacher has a lot of time off. In addition, both of our parents can’t wait to baby-sit as well. 


We welcome open adoption and are very flexible about the level of communication that everyone will be comfortable with. We have no set expectations, as we believe that, at the end, it will take  its natural course, as most events in life do. We think that every child benefits from knowing  where they come from, so please know that our door will always be open even if you do not feel  able to be in touch right now. In this lifetime journey, we are envisioning a warm and  compassionate atmosphere where we are committed to having a trusting and supportive  environment. A safe and nurturing home, where our child can laugh and explore, while being  unconditionally loved.

Fun Facts

  • Taught English in South Korea
  • Studied art in Italy
  • Had a speaking part in a Michael Keaton movie
  • Understands all Slavic languages and is fluent in: Serbian, Polish, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin and English
  • Coached high school tennis for 10 years
  • Enjoys teaching kids’ tennis camps and classes
  • Sky dived once and was scared to death
  • Loves snow and skiing
  • Loves re-runs of Friends and Seinfeld
  • Is a self-proclaimed post-its queen
  • Attempted to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  • Loves to cook and make a mess in the kitchen
  • Only person in my family who knows how to make his Grandma’s famous rolls
  • Helped raise his two nieces
  • Loves to watch/play soccer (that is how he met Julijana)
  • First of immediate family to graduate from college
  • Have been an artist since childhood and loves to draw
  • Very tech savvy and can fix almost anything tech related
  • Free flowing and easy going
  • Loves to try new foods from around the world
  • Was a kids’ skiing and snowboarding instructor

"Julijana & Troy" Family Photos

  • Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa (yellow jacket, top left)
  • Super excited about the rocket launch
  • Shark attack at Maggie Daley Park
  • Trip to Serbia
  • Hiking with friends
  • Honeymoon in Portugal
  • Skiing in Alpine Valley
  • With students in the after school tennis class
  • Family at our wedding
  • Having fun rain or shine at the farm
  • A visit from our neighbor Ava
  • Four-wheeling with Cailynn at the farm
  • Breakfast with family in Amish Country
  • Zoolights at Lincoln Park with friends
  • Sightseeing with students in Korea
  • With nieces Cailynn and Cassadie
  • Valentine’s Day in Vienna (Austria)
  • Anniversary cruise just a few minutes away form our home

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