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Julia & Ryan

Hello! We are Ryan and Julia and we are excited to raise a child through open adoption. We both come from big families and always talked about adoption as a way to grow our family. After some troubles getting pregnant, we decided to focus on adoption, and we are excited to be here!

Our Story

Thank you for considering us to be adoptive parents. Raising a child is the next part of our Adventure together, and we hope that you are a part of our Adventure too! We are so inspired by your strength and courage for considering adoption. With you, our child will share the love from all of us as we work together.

“Piglet notice that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” – Winnie the Pooh


We are open to discussing lots of ways to involve you in the life of our child. We would start with shared pictures and email updates, and making sure our child knows you, and the love and life that you gave to them. We would welcome in-person meetings with our child and having them know who you are and what an important part of their life you are. Of course, we also want to hear what you want, too. Together, with you, we hope to work out the best way to stay connected throughout our child’s life.


We are very lucky to have people in our lives from many different ethnicities and backgrounds: Mexican, Filipino, African American, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, Japanese and Indian, to name a few. We love learning about new cultures and customs, and celebrating these with friends and family. Regardless of our child’s race, we look forward to making the culture they born from a part of our lives.

Our Adventure So Far…

We met in college at the University of Kansas – we couldn’t stop smiling at each other, so our friend Theresa introduced us. Now we’ve been together for 16 years! Graduate school at Northwestern for Julia and DePaul for Ryan brought us to Chicago almost 13 years ago. We love this city.

About Ryan

Ryan grew up on a farm in Kansas, but he always had an interest in big cities. Ryan was the first in his family to go to college and attended Kansas University (go Jayhawks!). He had a loving family who promoted hard work, reading, music, treating others how you would want to be treated, and making sure to have a good time every once in a while! Ryan has always loved good food, which is probably why he enjoys spending so much time with Julia (she’s a fantastic cook!). Sometimes Ryan cooks for himself some weird meals (like tacos with hamburger meat, cheddar cheese and ketchup on corn shells – something his dad made when they were kids). In his spare time, he enjoys a good beer and great barbecue. He loves ‘70s disco music more than he should, and enjoys watching Chicago Bears football, Cubs baseball, and Kansas basketball.

About Julia

Ryan calls her his “Joyful Julia.” Julia is bubbly and outgoing – sometimes borderline silly. Julia grew up in Lawrence, KS. Julia is very close with her parents, and spent a lot of time with her parents growing up because her 5 older siblings were grown and out of the house. After a theater degree at University of Kansas, Julia studied opera and singing at Northwestern. Julia’s main job is singing with various groups in Chicago. She teaches little kids piano and does freelance admin work. Julia loves food and cooking, almost as much as she loves Ryan. She still makes many dishes her mom taught her to cook – except salmon patties, which are gross. Julia enjoys reading and watching movies, and she is a closet video gamer – especially the Sims.

Adventuring Together… we love…

We LOVE food. We love eating together and cooking together and trying new things! We also love to garden, growing our own vegetables during the summer months.

Travel and camping are just two of the fun things we do together outside our home. Though we have been able to travel across the country and to Europe, we also like to camp and hike closer to home. We go camping in Wisconsin and Michigan, and can’t wait to share these types of adventures with our family.

Our Catholic faith is also an important part of our lives. Julia frequently sings at Masses. We love many things about our faith, but most especially its mission to serve others. Ryan works for an organization helping raise money for good causes.

Our Home

“Home is the comfiest place to be.” – Winnie the Pooh

We live in a sunny two-bedroom apartment on the north side of Chicago with our three cats (Sophie, Moby, and Peanut), who are great at snuggling and sleeping. Because family is spread out across the country, we are very close to our friends in Chicago. We enjoy having people over for food, movies, or just to stop by and hang out at our home. Our neighborhood is a peaceful place - especially in the summer when the trees shade the front and back porches, and the lilac bush blooms in the back yard. It is a safe and friendly place, with lots of families, parks, and nearby schools that are rich in diversity.

Bringing up Baby

Julia is planning to be an at-home parent, and Ryan’s job has flexibility to be available as well. Thank you for taking a peek into our lives so far – we look forward to sharing so much more with you. We are excited to become parents, to begin this next chapter of our Adventure, and for the love and joy that can come through an open adoption. Know that we are holding you in our hearts today, tomorrow, and for so many years to come!

With much love,

Fun Facts

  • Really love corndogs
  • Watches movies over and over
  • Studied violin and piano
  • Reads “The Hobbit” every fall
  • Loves playing video games
  • Loves college basketball (go KU!)
  • Loved dinosaurs as a kid (and still does!)
  • Likes to make up songs (usually made up lyrics to ‘80s songs)
  • Spends summer weekends smoking BBQ ribs
  • Grew up on a farm, but loves the city

"Julia & Ryan" Family Photos

  • We laugh a lot together
  • Julia with our friend, Vince
  • Julia sharing a beer with her Dad
  • Julia holding our newborn nephew
  • Julia's family in town for her recital
  • Julia cooking something delicious in the kitchen
  • Our trip to Paris in 2013
  • Ryan's family at his Mom's for the holidays
  • Julia with our cat, Sophie
  • Ryan planting in our garden
  • Ryan playing around with his niece and nephew
  • Us camping near Lake Superior
  • Julia interrupted me at the computer for a hug
  • Julia with our friends Oliver and John
  • Ryan with his Dad and brother
  • Julia excited by cake!
  • Julia with her Mom
  • We learned how to canoe this summer!
  • Julia picked the best garlic from our garden
  • Julia singing in church choir

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