Welcome to our profile! We are John and Rebecca -- two teachers who can’t wait to expand our loving family to include a child. We appreciate what a difficult decision you have before you, and we hope these pages and photos will help you get to know us. We both come from families built through adoption, and we want to share the love and joy we have experienced in our own families with a child. Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

About Us 

We are two college professors in the arts, and we love working with young people. John teaches drama and makes theatre with his students, and Rebecca is a writer who has taught English and creative writing to all ages. We met through our teaching seven years ago and quickly fell in love.  We were married in John’s childhood home of New Orleans. The highlight of our wedding was being unexpectedly serenaded on the river ferry with “Amazing Grace” by a large boys’ chorus. That was a beautiful beginning to the next chapter of our life.

What binds us is the way we both try to move through the world with honesty, loyalty, thoughtfulness, hard work, and a lot of love. Our home is our center. Both of our mothers were musicians, and we sometimes play instruments together for fun.  We also love exploring libraries and bookstores, and we look forward to sharing our love of books with a child. Rebecca's father read to her every night when she was a child, and she can't wait for us to continue the tradition. John is a theatre professor, so he looks forward to putting on little plays with a child.

Rebecca comes from a baseball family, but John’s family is made up of football fans. (The grandparents can’t agree on an adoption plan as to which sport to prioritize!)  We also like to get outside and explore, from neighborhood walks and bike rides to hikes and adventures in other countries.  There is much we want to show our future child.

Our work as teachers and artists is an important part of who we are. We get to meet, work with, and befriend diverse and interesting people, including our students. We love what we do, and this makes for a good life, one we can’t wait to share.

Our Family and Our Family Plan

Our jobs will allow us to be home with our child through the very important early years of life. John is a full-time professor with a flexible schedule, and Rebecca will be teaching part-time in order to be home with a child.  We also know that we can provide a child with a great education. We have excellent local schools and our child can go to John’s college for free, or join the college’s exchange to go elsewhere to follow their dreams!

Family is everything to us.  Our extended family are thrilled that we are adopting, and they’re eager to be involved.  There will be an aunt and uncle with a pizzeria!  A grandfather to explore lighthouses together on the coast of Maine!  Cousins to visit for Mardi Gras in New Orleans!  Doting grandparents and great-grandparents!  And of course, local cousins, aunts, and uncles who will be a part of our child’s life.

Our Home and Community

We keep a very happy home that is filled with joy and laughter.  We particularly love mealtimes -- cooking together and sharing stories around the dinner table is a strong family tradition for both John and Rebecca.

We carefully chose the town we now live in as part of our adoption plan.  Our neighborhood is a diverse community that is popular with many adoptive families.  It has all the safety and the great schools of Chicago’s suburbs, but we’re also only a few minutes away from the city and the best it has to offer culturally, including the zoo, museums, and concerts in the park. 

We are a short walk to schools and our local library.  And did we say that our home opens onto a large park!?  It does! 

Openness and Adoption

We feel fortunate that our own families have been built through adoption, and we know from experience that love and shared experiences make families.  Rebecca’s mother was adopted by Rebecca’s wonderful grandparents, and John’s brother was adopted from Peru, allowing John to be a big brother.

We both come from diverse families, and we look forward to celebrating our child’s multiple heritages from both birth and adoptive families.  We will empower our child to fully explore the uniqueness of their identity.

We see the great benefits of open adoption and of allowing a child’s life to be full of love and honesty.  We look forward to hearing what open adoption means for you and to creating a plan together.

Fun facts

Fun Facts About Rebecca
  • I wrote my first stories at age six on an old typewriter and now I publish books
  • My paternal grandfather, who was half Filipino, was an alternate for the US Olympics in swimming
  • I love baking and I once won the holiday cookie baking contest at work
  • One summer in college, I took a job as a cook at a ranch in Montana so I could see the Rocky Mountains
  • I had a job where I fed an injured red-tailed hawk
  • My sister and her husband own and run a pizzeria
  • In the fourth grade I won 31 free Baskin Robbins cones for reading the most books
  • Favorite ice cream at age 9: bubblegum
Fun Facts About John
  • I grew up in New Orleans and we moved to Chinatown in New York City when I was 15
  • I once biked across the South of England
  • I have worked on Broadway (but only backstage)
  • I love scary movies and popcorn
  • I’m a history nerd who loves visiting old churches around the world, and climbing ancient castle towers
  • Stray cats tend to adopt me, which is fine by me
  • I lived in England for five years as an adult and I lived in India for one summer as a child
  • As a kid I played piano and trumpet, now I play guitar and banjo
  • I have been a donut connoisseur since age 8
  • Favorite ice cream: yes!

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