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Joe & Karen

Hi, we are Joe and Karen!  Please know we want the best possible future for your baby and we admire your selflessness, caring, strength and courage to consider adoption.  We can describe ourselves as a fun, loving, and adventurous couple. A child will experience a lifetime of love, adventure, and openness. 

Our Story

About Us

We met when Joe was in college and Karen was in her senior year of high school.  Joe’s sister introduce us.  We dated for six years before we got engaged and were married two years later.  We enjoy many of the same things like live music, car racing, sports (Cubbies, Bears, and Blackhawks), amusement parks, puppies, and long walks.  We are outdoorsy people so we enjoy hiking in national parks, biking the forest preserve trails, and water sports is all fun stuff for us.  We are not just husband and wife but we are best friends. We can think about the same things and finish each other’s thoughts. 

About Karen

Karen is sweet, fun loving, caring and sometimes silly.  Karen grew up in Chicago with her parents and grandmother.  Her grandmother was her mentor throughout life.  Karen’s parents were very socially active and were involved in sports.  As Karen got older, she was very athletic and played most sports.  Karen moved to the western suburbs in high school, and eventually met Joe.  Karen went to college and obtained her Legal Studies degree and works in the legal department of a large corporation.  Her family is still in the area and is a great support system for her.  This support system is so beneficial for when we grow our family and keep the traditions ongoing.

About Joe

Joe enjoys making people smile and laugh.  Joe’s motto is why be serious all the time when you can be happy!  Joe keeps telling Karen it was his silly charm is what attracted her to him.  Joe grew up in the western suburbs with his Mom, Dad, and sister.  He was involved in many sports, and when he met Karen, they were involved in sports together.  Joe got his degree as an Accountant and works as a business manager/accountant for a religious organization. Joe’s family is close by in the Illinois and Wisconsin.


Our family and friends are very important to us.  Our immediate family includes our two German Shorthair Pointer dogs, Haydn and Cooper.  We love our dogs and enjoy playing and walking them…or maybe they walk us!  We enjoy our time with our parents, siblings, and playing with our godchildren, nieces and nephews.  Our favorite holiday is Halloween so we have a great time taking the kids to the pumpkin patch and the zoo.  We have a big barbeque every July 4th, which includes our annual bean bag game tournament with our friends and family. 

Our Home

We live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago in a community that was voted the “Number One Place to Raise your Kids” by Businessweek a few years ago.  Our school district is rated in the top 50 schools in the State of Illinois.  Our neighborhood is an older subdivision of town with very mature trees.  Being outdoorsy people, we really enjoy our neighborhood and enjoy the quite of our backyard, where we like to play with the dogs and relax while listening to the water fountain on the patio.  On summer mornings we get up early to sit in our patio lounge chairs to enjoy the solitude of the morning.  We take long walks in our neighborhood and look forward to Fall when the trees are changing color. We look forward to walking with our dogs through the leaves to feel the crunch of the leaves beneath our feet.


One of our adventurous vacations was water rafting in the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  Our only way out of the canyon was to take a helicopter out to the top of the canyon.  Vacations are not just about the two of us, we also vacation with family and friends.  We have spent a few vacations at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone campgrounds.  Our favorite place to vacation is Disney!  We go to Disney World and Universal Studios every October to enjoy their Halloween events!!  We love rollercoasters and cannot wait to see Mickey and Winnie the Pooh!


We know that you want the best possible future for your baby, and at the same time feel afraid.  Please know we will do whatever it takes to keep our relationship open.  Should you decide that we are the right family for your child, we will speak of you with utmost respect and high regard so that your child will always feel proud of the courageous decision you made.  We desire an open relationship with you.

Thank you!

We are glad you took the time to get to know a little bit about us and our fun-filled lifestyle.  We enjoy our lives now and look forward to new adventures and the enrichment of becoming first time parents.  We wish you the best as you make some important decisions for yourself and your baby.  Please take care of yourself and know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Best Wishes!!

Fun Facts

  • Karen loves Winnie the Pooh and Tigger
  • Her favorite books are the Harry Potter books.
  • Her favorite holiday is Halloween
  • Karen is artsy like her father.
  • She enjoys gardening and bird watching.
  • Shopping with friends
  • Weekends away with family and friends
  • Mission to find the best Tiramisu
  • Absolutely loves chocolate chip cookies
  • Watching car races and collecting Indy car racing memorabilia.
  • Watching movies late at night
  • Woodworking, as Joe finished our house in all wood trim.
  • Weekends away with friends and family.
  • Enjoys the sound of Cuckoo Clocks
  • Eating pizza ever Friday night
  • Joe has a sweet tooth for desserts so he has no problem helping Karen with her mission to find the best Tiramisu.

"Joe & Karen" Family Photos

  • We met Buzz Lightyear!! Infinity and Beyond!
  • Joe and Karen at Hollywood Studios at Disney World!
  • Karen and Joe with Woody Woodpecker at Universal Studios!
  • Joe and Karen with Jim and Kathy (Joe’s parents, center) and Karen’s Mom, Carol, and husband, Tony!
  • Karen with her Dad, Ken
  • Indy 500 Weekend with Family and Friends
  • Joe and Karen Celebrating Halloween at Magic Kingdom, Disney World
  • Joe with Pumpkin Mickey
  • Joe Keeping Karen on the Ground at Epcot, Disney World
  • Beach Time in Michigan with Dave and Sandy, with their kids, Eric and Kevin!
  • Joe and Valerie at Brookfield Zoo!
  • Joe, the Gymnast
  • Karen and Valerie on the Carousel at Brookfield Zoo
  • Karen Participating in Water Fights with Kids during July 4th BBQ
  • Rollercoasters are Cool! Joe and Karen on Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom

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