We’re Dan, Jill, and Annabelle! Annabelle asked us a few months ago when she would become a big sister. One of her favorite TV characters, Daniel Tiger, had just become a big brother. So, we talked about how some babies grow in a woman’s tummy and others grow in hearts. When Jill said she was growing a baby right now in her heart, Annabelle decided she was too. Every now and then we’ll catch her talking to herself and she says I’m talking to my baby. We couldn’t be happier at the possibility of adding to our family. 

We have been truly blessed by our daughter’s birthmother. Although we’ve never met her, we think of her very often and hope that she realizes what an amazing woman she is. We can’t imagine what she felt then and we can’t imagine what you’re going through now. We would like to wish you peace as you decide whether an adoption plan is right for you.

As we prepare to add to our family, we hope to show you just how much love we have for each other and how much we want to share that with another child. Thank you taking the time to get to know us a little better.


Although Annabelle’s adoption is closed, we wish we had an open adoption and we would gratefully welcome her birthmother into our lives when she is ready.  For now, we send photos to our agency for them to keep for her.

Despite living on the west coast some of the time, we promise to work together with you to come up with an open adoption plan that works for everyone. We are open to staying in contact by regular calls, Skype, email and visits. No matter where we’re living, we are dedicated to doing whatever is best for your child and we are excited about an open adoption.


We have seen our share of ups and downs during our marriage, the latter mostly due to infertility. We’ve weathered every storm together and it’s made our relationship even stronger. Our secret is communicating and making time together a priority.

Traveling is something we especially love. We have been to England several times to see the historical sites and to visit friends. We also have spent some time up and down the California coast because of Dan’s work. We love the sunshine and beautiful weather, especially when it’s cold and gray in Chicago!

When it’s time to relax, we enjoy a quiet evening at home watching movies by the fire or playing card games…SkipBo is a family favorite! Everything is better when we do it together.


Jill is a wonderful person. She makes my favorite meals, especially spaghetti, when she knows I’ve had a rough day. She manages our house and keeps me on track and I’m the luckiest man alive to be able to call her my wife!

She loves math and accounting…crazy I know! Jill earned her Certified Public Accountant certificate after graduating from college, but took a break from that several years ago to run a greeting card and invitation store. When Annabelle came along, she decided to do accounting work from home so she could spend most of her time with her.

She is also an incredible mom. Whether Annabelle decides to make a quick outfit change before heading out the door or needs help with her homework, Jill is incredibly patient. They have spent a lot of time together and Jill has an amazing ability to anticipate Annabelle’s needs. She is always prepared for outings with her bottomless bag of snacks and activities!

I think a lot of what makes Jill who she is her faith. We waited a long time to start our family and she says that her faith in God is what got us through. She makes reading her Bible a priority every morning.


Dan is very creative and adventurous. He is a self-taught photographer and spent many years managing his own studio. Now, he works for a production company in Los Angeles. Movies have always been a passion of his and he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work in Hollywood developing TV shows.

Dan is a fun-loving guy. No matter what mood I’m in, he has this amazing ability to always make me smile. Whether it’s a big hug or a goofy face that only a wife could love, he gets me every time. I can never stay mad at him very long.

Last but not least, he is the greatest father! He does the best voices when he reads Annabelle bedtime stories…Horton Hears a Who is their favorite! On the weekends, they can be found sitting on the floor playing animal safari or at the kitchen table making play-doh cookies and cakes.


In February 2011, we received the call we had been longing for and in an instant we were a family.  We met Annabelle for the first time in the Cradle nursery.  From the moment we met, she was our daughter.  We continued to visit her every day until we brought her home two weeks later.

She was a pint-sized ball of energy and our lives have never been better. She has taught us to slow down and enjoy every minute of parenthood. Sitting on the floor and playing with her is just as important as any job we’ve ever had.


We are so grateful that you have taken the time to learn more about our family. Again, we hope we have shown you how much love we have to give and how we look forward to sharing that with another child. Whatever you decide, we know that you will be making the best possible choice for your baby.

Fun facts

  • Favorite snack - Popcorn 
  • Favorite children’s TV show or movie - Despicable Me movies
  • Favorite hobby - Planning parties
  • Favorite ice cream flavor - Peppermint
  • Favorite time of year - Spring
  • Favorite movie/genre - Romantic comedy
  • She has lived in 17 different cities and towns.
  • She lived in the 2nd tallest dormitory in the world in college.
  • She actually enjoys helping family and friends balance their checkbook.
  • Favorite snack - Oreos
  • Favorite children’s TV show or movie - Beauty and the Beast
  • Favorite hobby - Watching movies
  • Favorite ice cream flavor - Chocolate
  • Favorite time of year - Fall
  • Favorite movie/genre - Science fiction
  • He’s been to the South Pole (Antarctica).
  • He loves buying toys for kids (and himself).
  • He has photographed racing Indy cars going over 200 mph.

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