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Hanny & Mike

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are grateful you are considering us to love and nurture your child.  It has been our constant hope that we will be blessed to start a family and to share our love, relationship, and home with a child.  We are ready to give unconditional love, a safe home, and expose a child to the many educational and social opportunity in our community.  We have deep respect for you and the challenges that adoption can bring.  We look forward to meeting you and to joining you on this journey.

Our Story

Our Home and Diversity

We value diversity as an essential part of our life.  Hanny is Asian of Chinese descent and Mike is Caucasian with a polish ancestry.  We value cultural traditions and embrace being a multiracial family.

Our community and home provide an excellent environment to nurture a child. It is a safe and diverse neighborhood with a good school system and many parks and playgrounds. Our home is our sanctuary where we share experiences such as healthy home cooked meals, BBQ’s with family and gardening.

Adoption in Our Life

After we got settled in our married life, we tried to have a baby. Sadly, due to infertility we were not able to do so after two long years. We decided to pursue adoption because we are drawn to the idea of giving unconditional love to a child. It's not about the origin, it's all about the lifetime journey we'll share together.

Through adoption, the meaning of a family can be ours to define.  We understand the degree of openness is unique and we are willing to work with you to create the kind of family that fits all of us. We are committed to doing what is best for the child.

About Us

We are best friends, travel buddies and life partners. We are very passionate about our active, healthy lifestyle and want to share this with our future child. We were both instantly drawn to each other because of our similar interests and values despite the fact that we came from different cultural backgrounds. From the outside, we are one of those couples that people say "opposite attracts' - Hanny is very outgoing while Mike is more reserved. From the inside, those differences complement each other and make us stronger. We are blessed that we have a strong marriage which extends to our ability to partner in a business together.

Hanny was originally born and raised in Indonesia. She moved to the US by herself to attend Iowa State University for Chemical Engineering. Back then she could not speak English very well and used her hands to get her point across. Over the years Hanny adapted and embraced the American culture.  Hanny is a people person and problem solver and uses these qualities as an engineering Project Manager. She is passionate about hiking in the mountains, running and having quality time with family and friends. Hanny loves to inspire people and be inspired.

Mike grew up in a southwest suburb of Chicago. He is passionate about travel, the outdoors and cooking. By sixth grade, Mike could make a meatloaf that everyone would rave about.  People often describe Mike as a warm and thoughtful person with a good sense of humor. But really, Mike is just a big kid at heart. Mike put myself through college and graduate school. He chose the path to become an entrepreneur because no one else in his family had done it and he wanted to see if he could do it. Mike believes that the journey is more important than the destination and he has lived by that motto throughout his life.

Parenting Plan

Having our own business gives us the flexibility to spend as much time with our child as we can and not miss those special moments in his or her life. Mike's mom is looking forward to being a grandmother to her first grandchild and helping out whenever needed. 

Our child will be encouraged to pursue his or her dreams, whatever they may be. We will do our best to introduce our child to new adventures and experiences. We also enjoy simple things like going to the park, walking around the neighborhood, visiting friends and family, going to local attractions and sometimes just hanging out at home.  We would love the opportunity to share these experiences, and more importantly, all of the unconditional love that we have with a baby.

Two loving parents, two grandparents, seven kind-hearted aunts and uncles, and 5 fun-loving nieces cannot wait to welcome a new member of the family.

Thank you for inquiring about our family, and the chance to share our hopes and dreams with you about growing our family through adoption.  We look forward to an opportunity to meet you!


Fun Facts

  • Completed 2 half-marathons, 3 marathons and 10 triathlons.
  • Favorite foods are red velvet cupcakes and dark chocolate.
  • Loves traveling and has been to 4 continents, 10 countries and over 30 states.
  • Favorite hiking spot is Mt Rainer in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Has eggs and organic green juice for breakfast almost every day.
  • Favorite musician is Barry Manilow.
  • Enjoys the outdoors, fitness training, yoga and occasional shoe shopping with her sisters.
  • Favorite book: The Law of Attraction by Michael Losier.
  • Has a Chemical engineering degree and has earned 2 US Patents.
  • Has 5 beautiful nieces (Sasha, Fay, Grace, Andrea, Nadia) and loves spending time with them at the pool!
  • He taught himself to cook at an early age. He makes delicious chili, meatloaf, guacamole, salsa and soups of all kinds.  
  • Had 4 years of perfect attendance in high school.
  • He loves to travel, from impromptu weekend road trips to international travel. He has been to 4 continents, 8 countries and over 29 US states.
  • His college education started with a two-year scholarship at a local junior college. He received a B.S. from UIC and paid his own way through college.  He also received a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from DePaul while working a full-time professional job. 
  • He is an entrepreneur by nature. He started an IT consulting company 6 years ago and an ecommerce company 3 years ago.

"Hanny & Mike" Family Photos

  • Australia trip with Hanny's family
  • Baby sitting Rhonda's son Samuel
  • Bali, Indonesia trip with Hanny's dad
  • Celebrating Hanny's bday with family in Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Colorado hiking trip
  • Cruise day tour in Chicago with Hanny's dad, sisters and their husbands.
  • Enjoying pool time with Hanny's nieces
  • Hanny and her two sisters at a family's wedding in Indonesia
  • Hanny and sister Yuli at our travel bag factory in China
  • Hanny's lovely nieces
  • Hanny's nieces love wearing the same stuff
  • Hanny's nieces loves playing with uncle Mike!
  • Having fun dancing at our wedding
  • Mike's extended family gathering
  • Mike's mom admiring flowers on our porch
  • Mike's sister Sharon and her husband Steve enjoying hockey game
  • Our first white water rafting in Indonesia
  • Our ring bearer Elias
  • Outdoor fun with Hanny's best friend Rhonda and her boys
  • Participating in Indonesia cultural dance with Hanny's nieces
  • Two families Unite
  • Uncle Steve loves being silly at a b'day party
  • Walking for a cure with Rhonda and her boys

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