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Erin & Greg


Welcome to the world of Greg and Erin!  We would like to show you a glimpse of who we are by sharing our story and photos.  We are really looking forward to welcoming a child one day into our lives, and we want to thank you for taking the time to consider us.

Our Story

Our wonderful adventure began on the first day of college sophomore year. In a large, empty chemistry classroom, Erin sat down next to Greg and started talking to him.  Erin continued to sit by Greg in other classes they had together, and we became friends. A year later, we had our first date of a movie and dinner at Arby’s. We have been together ever since.  After living in Los Angeles for several years for graduate school, jobs and family brought us back to our home city of Chicago. As we settled into our life back in the suburbs of Chicago, we discussed how much fun it would be to have children and decided adoption would be the best option to expand our family.  Our favorite things to do together are rock climb, play board games, go on long walks with our dog, and make each other laugh.


Openness and Parenting

We think it is important for a child to know his or her story from the beginning.  We have seen the significance of knowing about family and where a person came from since Greg’s aunt is adopted.  Openness is an excellent way to nurture a child to grow into a happy, healthy, and successful adult.  Our version of openness would include visits, updates, and a level of communication that is comfortable for you.  Both of us grew up in caring and positive homes filled with love, so we hope to continue that tradition in our own family.  While we both work, Erin intends on taking three months off after the baby arrives.  We have flexible work schedules that will allow us to spend a lot of time at home to raise a child, and we have a supportive network of family and friends in the area.

About Erin

Ever since I was a little, I have loved being active. I have golfed in the summer and bowled in the winter for as long as I can remember. During the work week, I am a scientist at a technology company in a northwest suburb, but on the weekend, I am a sports enthusiast (Go Bears!). I am also a fan of action packed movies, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with family and friends.

About Greg

Growing up, I was always interested in learning new things, which is still true today.  That's why my hobby list is so varied! I enjoy reading, cooking, fixing up the house, building Legos, and playing sports.  Most days to burn off energy, I go to the gym or for a run.  When I'm not exercising, I enjoy playing games of all sorts including board games and video games. I love using games as a creative outlet, and I often run a game night for friends. 

Thank You

Thanks so much for learning a little about us.  We wish you the best in the days ahead.  

Fun Facts

  • Has cookies and milk every night before bed
  • Organizes a fantasy football league with co-workers
  • Gets excited about professional golf tournaments
  • Is the oldest of 15 grandchildren
  • Is more of a night person
  • Once attended a conference of Nobel Prize Winners in Germany
  • Big fan of roller coasters
  • Has a big sweet tooth
  • Played the piano, guitar, and viola growing up
  • Enjoys barbecuing in the summer
  • Enjoys playing games of all kinds
  • Taught grade school and high school before going to graduate school
  • Reads books constantly
  • Cares more about directors in movies than actors
  • Is a morning person
  • Is the best cook in our family
  • Loves a good cup of coffee
  • Enjoys going for a bike ride
  • Taught himself how to build the deck in the backyard
  • Is afraid of heights, but loves rock climbing

"Erin & Greg" Family Photos

  • Beach time in Hawaii
  • Dinner with Greg's Friends
  • Enjoying the view from the top
  • Erin and Greg at a PGA golfing event
  • Erin bowling in a women's league
  • Erin with Greg's cousin Casey
  • Erin with Greg's mom and sister at Disney World for a 65th birthday
  • Escape room fun with friends
  • Escape room success with Erin's childhood friends
  • Greg and his Dad on his 65th birthday
  • Greg and his L.A. friends
  • Hiking in Seattle
  • Safari at the San Diego Zoo
  • Weekly rock climbing with our neighbors

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