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Edward & Brandy

Hi There,

There is a thing people say about spiders, that spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them. This adoption process feels a little bit like that for us. We keep hearing at our adoption classes that the birth parents are more nervous and scared than we are. Well, we can tell you we are also feeling nervous and scared as all get out. So if you are nervous or scared, we are right there with you. We know that reading this profile is probably the last thing on earth you want to be doing right now, but we thank you for being so incredibly brave and selfless in your journey to figure out what you feel is going to be best for you and your baby. We hope that we can take this leap of faith together, support one another, and together provide the very softest landing possible for the child whose well-being is all of our number one priority.            

Thank you,

Edward & Brandy

Our Story

We are Brandy and Edward - our last names make a really fun celebrity-mash-up-name that most our friends call us by. We love to spend time with our large extended family and friends, travel to new places, and snuggle on the couch with our dog Voltaire. Voltaire loves children, and we often think of how cute he’ll be cuddling and playing with a new family member to bond with and protect. We love live music, art, and food. You could definitely say we have the travel bug. We’re ready to strap on a baby bjorn, hike up some pyramids, visit a castle, see some monkeys in the trees, eat at the mom and pop restaurant, and introduce our baby to the sound of foreign tongues.

Adoption is, and has always been, our first choice to grow our family. We never needed our own “mini-me” but we’ve long felt that we’ve been missing the third piece to our family. Adoption has always been how we are going to find “our third.” We, Brandy and Edward, have always wanted to be an adoptive family and we thank you for reading our story.

About Brandy, in Edward’s words

I love the passion and confidence that my wife brings to everything she does. As a Public Defender, she takes pride in her duty to provide the best criminal defense to those who cannot afford it and she fights fiercely every day for the rights of the juveniles under her care. As a friend, she is intensely loyal and makes deep, lasting connections. She still schedules regular “Suburban Girls’ Night” with her 3 best friends from high school. She’s quite the chef and keeps our family well fed with creative, healthy, and delicious meals. (Some of her greatest hits are Pumpkin Curry, Chicken Soup, Bacon Pasta, and Turkey Meatballs that she makes different each time.) Brandy will be the “fun mom” and the “mom with a plan!” When we travel, she plans our activities, makes reservations, and buys tickets in advance. She loves a good sale – our child will be well dressed, and it won’t cost a fortune! As a mother, she will give her entire life and heart to our child, the same way she approaches everything else.

Brandy, about being a mom

I am so very excited to become a mom! I can’t wait to see the world through the eyes of my child, watch him or her develop and grow, go on fun adventures, and teach him or her to be the best version of his or herself. One thing I loved as a child was when my parents would take me and my brother on “surprise rides.” We’d pack into the car and head to the Drive In, Chuck E Cheese, the Zoo, or a Carnival. We never knew where we were gonna end up until we got there, but it was always a great time. I’m super stoked to share this family tradition with a child once I become a parent.

About Edward, in Brandy’s words

I love Edward because he makes me laugh, he can get along with anybody, he is intelligent, he always thinks of others, and he treats me like I’m the most important woman in the world. I know I can depend on Edward to be there for me to provide comfort when I am sad and to celebrate all the victories and milestones. He’s an amazing friend who always goes above and beyond the call of duty to take care of his buddies. He has a silly side and can often be heard speaking in a made-up accent as the voice of Voltaire’s thoughts. Edward will be an amazing father because he is a great provider, he loves wrestling and playing with kids, and he is known in our family as “the baby whisperer.” Growing up as the third oldest of seven children, Edward has a lot of experience helping to raise children. Edward will ensure our child knows all about sports, has an appreciation for music, and most of all feels loved and protected.

Edward, about being a dad

I get so excited whenever I think about being a dad. Having been around a lot of babies, I know a child always brings new perspective into the world. As he or she discovers the world, I know that I will see it as new too. I learned so much from my dad and step dad and I can’t wait to share all of that knowledge with my child. I remember learning how to skip rocks in the creek, how to make music, and how to get the edges on the yard grass just right. I can’t wait to teach our child about records and let him or her help out when I fix things. I want to see what kind of person my child grows up to be, what he or she learns from the good and the bad out there, and give the quiet comfort and support that a dad is there to give.

How We Will Parent

We believe in the lost art of childhood. We don’t buy into the idea that every kid has to read before kindergarten or have every play date scheduled three weeks out to be a success. We want our child to have time to be curious and explore this big beautiful world at his or her own pace. In our home, communication begins by listening to what the other person believes and is feeling. We will take the listening skills we’ve developed by caring for each other and listen carefully to the thoughts, questions, complaints, and expressions of our child. We value family, fun, loyalty, hard work, determination, education, individuality, doing unto others as you would have done unto you, standing up for what you believe in, giving back to those less fortunate, social justice, and love.


Through our own adoption journey, we’ve learned about the importance of open adoption and how an open adoption can ease some of the loss for our child and his or her birth parent(s). We are committed to embracing open adoption. We consider it to be part of our responsibilities as adoptive parents. We also recognize that open adoption can come in many forms, so we will work with you to figure out what’s most comfortable for you such as having visits or sending/texting/emailing pictures - there’s all sorts of ways we can work together to build this relationship. We also find it important to talk with our child about their adoption story from day one. Their adoption story will be a major part of their life which will be discussed, embraced, and explored by us in each stage of our child’s life.


Brandy’s mom and dad are over the moon about this adoption. Brandy only has one brother Wyatt, who doesn’t have any children, so this baby will be the first grandchild on the family’s side. Brandy’s mom will enjoy going on bike rides, shopping for back-to-school, and gardening with her grandchild. Brandy’s Dad is a master fisherman and is looking forward to having a grandchild to teach all about the “hot spots” on the lake where he catches the biggest fish.

Ed’s parents are also thrilled to have another grandchild on the way. Grammy and Poppa will take our little one out to the Farm in Peoria for family picnics where there is swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, and swinging on the tree swing. We can’t wait to watch our child be part of chaos and joy that are the holidays in Peoria. All six of Ed’s siblings, the spouses, the kids, and the pets all pack into Mom’s house and open gifts together on Christmas morning where, last year, 31 stockings hung from the mantle. The kids all gather at the top of the staircase and sing Christmas carols before charging downstairs in a group to light a candle for Jesus’s birthday. We all have matching pajamas and monogrammed bathroom towels. It is admittedly pretty corny, but also really sweet.


Fun Facts


A few of Brandy’s Favorite Things:

  • Going on weekend family walks with Ed and Voltaire to the coffee shop and the park to play fetch.
  • Taking photographs while doing yoga poses in front of landmarks
  • Giving a stellar closing argument in a jury trial
  • Listening to her nieces and nephews DJ while driving in the car
  • Eating a bowl of really spicy ramen noodles
  • Hosting girls nights where everyone comes over and wears sweatpants
  • Finding an amazing pair of designer high heels for 50% off
  • Meeting up with friends at summer street festivals in Chicago
  • Having dance parties in the living room
  • Reading a really good book

Three things Brandy can’t stand:

  • Racism, sexism, and cultural intolerance
  • When people leave empty glass bottles on the sidewalk
  • Goat cheese

A few of Edward’s favorite things:

  • Black coffee in the morning, and a glass of quality bourbon at night
  • When Brandy and Voltaire fall asleep on the couch, snuggled against me, in the middle of a movie
  • Midnight on Christmas Eve, with all my siblings, the most fun part of Christmas
  • Pretty much anything Brandy cooks, and she has a lot of greatest hits
  • Hanging out together during a Chicago summer - on our balcony, at the pool, at a street festival, or just walking around
  • Reading post-apocalyptic fiction
  • DJ’ing a living room dance party
  • A slick bass line or super-fuzzed guitar tone
  • Watching zombie movies at full volume with Voltaire when Brandy is at girls’ night

Three things Edward can’t stand:

  • Journey, Fleetwood Mac, or Morrissey
  • Being late
  • Most nuts

"Edward & Brandy" Family Photos

  • Brandy and Ed and Voltaire, hiking in Michigan. Voltaire is quite the “adventure puppy” when we get out of the city!
  • Our wedding day in May of 2009 at the South Shore Cultural Center in Chicago.
  • Family Roadtrip! If you look closely, you can see Voltaire peeking out from his seat in the back
  • Braving the cold - it’s never too cold to play some fetch!
  • During the summer, we like to get out to bike on the lake shore paths as much as possible.
  • At the Murakami exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art. We’re planning to decorate our child’s room in this fun, colorful, and whimsical style.
  • : Brandy doing one of her favorite things - doing yoga poses at landmarks when we travel. Here she is at the Sun Pyramid in Mexico.
  • Edward doing one of his favorite things - playing bass with his band. Here he is reprising a favorite song at his drummer’s wedding.
  • Babysitting our neighbor, another Cradle baby!
  • Tickles and laughs with one of the many nieces on Christmas morning.
  • Funny faces with Brandy and one of the many nephews - plus a brotherly photobomb.
  • Ed having a laugh with his buddy on a trip to Barcelona.
  • Brandy with her high school best friends. They make quite the scene whenever they go out!
  • Brandy with her Mikva Challenge Scholars, a group she helps mentor to be civically active.
  • Edward at a black tie work event with many of his close friends and mentors.
  • Brandy and her work girl friends goofing for the camera on break at work.
  • Voltaire mixing it up with some wrestling teenager cousins over Christmas.
  • Edward with all his siblings for a recent surprise birthday party. Still can’t believe everyone drove in to celebrate!
  • Thanksgiving with Brandy’s parents and grandma, just after the Cubs World Series win. Don’t worry - we accept and love our White Sox and Cardinals friends and family too!
  • At the Farm in Peoria for Edward’s parents’ birthday celebration with all the grandkids - and the family has added 2 more since!

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