Thank you for your interest in learning a bit about us. We are excited to tell you about ourselves, and the home and family we are eager to welcome a child into, and to express the gratitude and admiration we have for you.

We see your love for your baby as a lifelong and ever-present blessing. We promise to respect and support you in the ways you choose to share it, and are prepared to help your child, in different ways as they grow, make sense of this lovingly courageous and most difficult choice you are currently making.


We believe that there are countless ways to bring more love into the world; beginning with treating each other and all who we meet with lovingkindness. Married since 2008, open communication, following your truth, compromise and friendship form the backbone of our marriage. These values inspired us to move out west where our love of the mountains and the great outdoors grew, but we ultimately decided to move back to Chicago where our families are, to be close to everyone. The best part of our day to day is having dinner together—we both like to cook and look forward to spending down time together after the work day—going for a walk around the neighborhood, catching up on Netflix or sitting out on the balcony. Weekends are often spent balancing time spent with family and friends, taking care of the housework, and pursuing our own personal interests as well.

We are grateful for the courage we’ve found in ourselves and in our marriage to learn from life's struggles that we are strong and resilient people. The security of each other’s unconditional support and a heavy reliance on humor have been helpful as well. We strive to find value in all life experience—good and bad—a practice that has given us broader perspectives, freedom to surmount new obstacles, and the readiness to rise to the challenges of parenthood.



Our role as parents would be to create safe space by setting clear boundaries and expectations, support the child’s developing confidence and self-esteem and provide unconditional love for them as they grow, change, and inevitably go through the struggles that will make them who they are. We look forward to sharing our love of nature with a child, and including them in some of our favorite activities like travel, gardening, dance and music. And because we will be adoptive parents, we envision ourselves always doing the best we can to promote a sense of connectedness between our child and their biological roots as well.


Dan is a gentle, patient, and truly kind person who cares deeply about the needs of others. Being loved by Dan is a blessing and lifelong inspiration to be a more loving, kinder person. His gentle, loving spirit is what the world needs more of and is why I feel so lucky to have found him. Dan is a hard worker: internally motivated to always better himself, be it professionally or in one of many ways personally. Committed to pursuing his dreams, Dan started out his career as a lawyer, with its emphasis on ethical behavior and hard work, but over the years he felt a greater pull to make a difference in the lives of children, and models kindness and respect as a teacher for little ones. Boldly optimistic, Dan brings so much light into other’s lives and would be such a wonderful father.


Shelley is my best friend, my partner, a wonderful aunt to the little ones in our extended family and those of our close friends, and a mother in spirit. From the first time we met, I was drawn to the intensity of the personal connections she makes with people, and her capacity for empathy. These gifts have guided Shelley from work at a daycare center for children with autism, to an occupational therapy career, where she finds creative ways for people to continue in the roles and activities they find meaningful. Shelley’s wisdom and appreciation for inner beauty, and ability to challenge herself and spark adventure in others, are such endearing qualities. I have witnessed her struggle with, and overcome personal and professional hardship, and know that she will instill this strength and love in any child we welcome into our lives.



Even if we never meet, please know that we value your efforts to do right by your child and are so grateful that you took this time to learn about us. We wish you peace and comfort throughout your journey.


Fun facts

  • Favorite movie genre: Drama
  • Favorite snack food: Apple and peanut butter
  • Favorite active hobbies: Ecstatic dance
  • Favorite quote: “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” –Mother Teresa
  • Favorite season: Fall
  • Favorite animal: Orca
  • Something you can’t get by without: Comfortable shoes
  • Something that always lifts your mood: My fuzzy blue blanket
  • Sweet or salty: Both in rapid succession
  • Favorite music genre: Anything I can dance to
  • Favorite movie genre: Science fiction
  • Favorite snack food: Trail mix
  • Favorite active hobbies: Ballet
  • Favorite quote: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite animal: Wolf
  • Something you can’t get by without: Regular workouts
  • Something that always lifts your mood: A walk in the woods 
  • Sweet or salty: I used to be all about the sweet, but now I definitely prefer the salty!
  • Favorite music genre: Classic rock

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