Hello and welcome to our page! We are Conor and Nick and we would like to introduce ourselves to you. We are happy to give you a glimpse into our lives and our journey through the adoption process. We have learned a great deal about adoption over the last year and we are excited about welcoming a child into our family. We also realize it is a big decision so we want to share with you our story and how we came to this point in our lives. We feel that open adoption is the right choice for us and we look forward to having a relationship with our child's birth parents. We wish you the best of luck on your own adoption journey wherever it may take you.

We met in 2010 at Northwestern Hospital in downtown Chicago, where we were both working. We began dating and were soon inseparable. We got married in 2016 and now live in Lakeview in Chicago. Nick works as a cancer surgeon at a nearby hospital, and Conor is an ER doctor. We both love our jobs because we get to interact with many different types of people in a day, and we can make a difference in our patients' lives. On our days off we love to travel and explore different parts of the world and different cultures. We have both always dreamed of being parents since we were kids ourselves.

Both of us feel that family is the most important part of our lives. We enjoy traveling to visit our families and we make family trips a priority whenever we have time off from our jobs. We have taken trips to other countries with our families as well. In 2012 we took a big family trip to Italy, and last year we traveled to an island in Greece to see the village where Nick's mother was born; it took us over an hour to find it in the mountains of Greece, but it meant a lot for Nick to see where his mother came from.

We look forward to sharing our cultures and experiences with our new child. We are excited to take him or her with us as we continue to travel and explore the world.

About Conor

I grew up in Portland, Oregon with my younger brother Evan and both of our parents. I also have an older half brother named Joop who was born in Amsterdam and still lives there with his wife and son. As a kid, I spent a lot of time skiing on Mt Hood, and I have always enjoyed bike riding and cooking.  My best friend in childhood was adopted, but it was a closed adoption, and he never knew his birth mother or father. I learned a lot from him about how important it is for adopted children to know their birth parents whenever possible. After graduating high school, I moved to Los Angeles for college where I lived for 6 years, and from LA I moved to Sacramento for medical school.  After four years in medical school I visited Chicago and fell in love with the city. I was accepted into a residency program at Northwestern to become an ER doctor and I moved to Chicago in May 2010 with only what could fit in my car. Residency was difficult, but meeting Nick made the time fly by. When I finished my training to be an ER doctor, Nick and I decided to stay in Chicago because we love the city and the neighborhood where we live. I am fortunate to have a great career taking care of all kinds of patients who come to the ER. My job also gives me the flexibility to be home and to take trips to visit friends and family. I still enjoy cooking and Nick and I make meals together at home most nights so we can spend time together.

About Nick

I was born only a few years after my parents moved from Greece to the United States. My sisters are close in age with Dimitra being a year older and Maria a year younger. We grew up speaking Greek at home, which was important to my family as my grandmother lived with us, and she only spoke Greek. I learned English in school and am now equally fluent in both languages. Growing up, I enjoyed being outside as much as possible. I would ride my bike anywhere I could. I lived in Chicago my whole life, which included surgical residency, where I met Conor at Northwestern in 2010. I only moved away for a couple years to train in cancer surgical techniques at a top cancer center in Houston, Texas. Living in Chicago is important to me because of all of my personal connections.  Between my two sisters, I have 7 nieces and nephews ranging in age between 2 and 11. Each of my sisters has twin boys, and it has been very fun watching them grow up and taking care of them.

About Our Future

We know we can't predict the future but we have some idea about where we would like to be. We plan on raising our child at home with one of us staying home part-time and also placing our child in daycare a few days per week. We also recently adopted a 2 year old rescue dog named Olive. She is very sweet and great around kids, we love dogs and want our child to grow up with animals.

We plan on staying involved with our close friends and family and taking our child on trips with family and spending holidays together. We have many friends who also have young children and we want our child to have as much exposure to other people as possible. We want our child to feel loved and supported and part of a strong community with many good role models for him or her.

Why Adoption?

As long as we both can remember, we have always wanted to be parents. When we were younger, we had strong role models in our own parents. As we got older and developed our own family, we saw parenting as an important and essential part of our lives. Because we cannot have our own children, we were faced with several options for growing our family. We decided on adoption as the optimal method for us. It is important to us that our adopted child have a strong sense of identity, both from the community from which he or she comes and from our own cultures and backgrounds.


Fun facts

  • Conor has a Dutch half brother who lives in Amsterdam.
  • Conor’s favorite food is tacos.
  • Conor is not a morning person. 
  • Conor went scuba diving around the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  • Conor has been a downhill skier since he was 6 years old.
  • Conor used to be a seat-filler for the Oscars when he lived in Los Angeles.
  • Conor loves dark chocolate but not white chocolate.
  • Nick ran his first marathon in Athens, Greece, the site of the original marathon in November 2018.
  • Nick’s favorite dessert is cheesecake.
  • Nick is a morning person.
  • Nick loves being a student, and is currently getting his MBA.
  • Nick performs advanced surgeries using the DaVinci surgical robot.
  • Nick’s favorite holiday is Christmas.
  • Nick grew up playing piano, the trumpet, and the French horn.

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