Thanks for taking the time to get to know us. We admire your selflessness, courage and strength. In your path ahead, we offer you all of our support, consideration and sensitivity.

Our goal is to have a home filled with laughter and love, built on support and respect for each other. We believe in self-reflection and growing as people, and we plan to bring that into our parenting style – it’s not about being best, it’s about being the best you. We’ll teach our child the love of learning, how to build courage and, most importantly be a good, kind person – to both those who love you as well as those who don’t.

Family dinner is non-negotiable; arguments end with hugs; you have to stand up after getting knocked down; and every day ends with “I love you.”

No one is 100% ready for being a parent, but we’re prepared for the ups and the downs we know (and don’t know) will come in the roller coaster ahead.

More than anything, you are incredibly special and we want to raise our child to honor and respect you.

We have been together for 13 years now, married for nine of them. We've had many adventures but starting a family of our own is the one that makes us most excited and proud. We've known from the very beginning that this was something we wanted to do, together. We can't wait to see each of us be a dad, and we know that having a child will take us to heights in our lives that we never expected.


Life can be tough, so our philosophy is to work hard, always learn and grow, and remember not to take it all too seriously. We try to fill our lives with as much laughter as possible and have as many experiences big and small -- from pumpkin picking to exploring museums; from going to the theater to baseball games; from lazy Sunday mornings to traveling the world. Our family and friends are the most important things to us and we think nothing is better than sharing a meal together, filled with conversation and laughter.


                It was Chip’s dance moves that caught my attention 11 years ago, and he’s had my attention ever since. Chip is, sincerely, the kindest, most generous and smartest person I’ve ever met. The longer I know him, the more I want to be a better man that deserves him.

                Chip is the full package – he’s a romantic at heart with a giant imagination, and he’s a driven person that has the power to achieve anything he sets his mind to. He truly is the heart of our family.

                Chip’s always wanted to be a dad – he’s been waiting for this moment his entire life. Chip has so much love to offer, our child will never go without it. It’ll be hard for Chip not to spoil our child and be a disciplinarian. But because of Chip, I know our child will grow up to be respectful and creative, with a thirst for learning and a heart bigger than anyone we know.


                Experiences, friends, laughter and travel mean everything. When you really get to know Chris, you realize that nothing compares.

                He’s fiercely loyal, loving, nostalgic and practical. He’s the clown in any room with that really special gift to make everyone laugh. And because of that, he’s the love of my life.

                Wanting a family used to be about me. But in the past few years, I have never seen someone so excited to give of himself - to guide, to have fun, and to imagine alongside - than Chris.

                Parenting is hard for anyone, but I know that because Chris is my partner, we can make it through life’s best and hard adventures with him leading the way.


                Family is one of the most important things to us, especially as we look to grow our own. We’re blessed with a very supportive family who has always loved us for who we are.

                Chip is in the middle of five kids in his family, with his mom and step-dad. Chris is the older of two kids in his family, with his mom and dad. Together, we’ve become one big family … and growing.

                We were both very close to our grandparents, who we have lost over the years. They helped shape who we are, and we miss them every day. Our parents can’t wait to be those grandparents to our child, and that’s very important to us.              

                Our circle of friends plays a big role in our lives. Most of our friends we’ve known for at least 10 years and have deep relationships. We lean on each other as much as our family, and they challenge us to try new things, have new experiences and think in different ways. They support us always. And perhaps most importantly, make us laugh. It means a great deal to us to have a group of people in our lives who are as excited for us to start our family as we are.


                We respect whatever makes you most comfortable when it comes to having open communication with us and our child. We’re open to all types of relationships, built on honesty and communication. We didn’t expect any of us to have all the answers right now, so we respect whatever boundaries make you comfortable when creating a plan, and are just as open to adapting that plan as life goes on.

Fun facts

  • Travel is a passion of Chris’ and, along with Chip, has visited a total of 20 countries; the furthest place we’ve traveled to is Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Chris dresses up every Halloween; he’s been Elliot from ‘E.T.’, Clark Kent and A.C. Slater from “Saved by the Bell.”
  • Chris loves movies and even had a movie review blog for a while. His favorites include the Godfather, My Cousin Vinny and Elizabeth.
  • Chip and our dog Murphy snore so loudly, in the middle of the night Chris can’t tell the difference.
  • Chris’ family is Greek and he grew up visiting his grandma who still lived in Greece. He loves any kind of Greek food.
  • Chris enjoys running and has finished three half marathons. He has no plans to ever attempt a full marathon.
  • Chris is mildly obsessed with Disney World and we’re soon taking our niece and two nephews there for the first time.
  • Chris loves football season and is a diehard NY Giants fan, growing up not far from the stadium in New Jersey.
  • Chris is an avid reader whose favorite book is Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express,” because he loves mysteries.
  • Every birthday, Chris celebrates with a Burger King original chicken sandwich and onion rings.
  • Chip’s real name is Christopher; Chip is a nickname his sister and grandmother gave him. Yes, so technically we’re Chris and Chris.
  • Chip published a book of poetry that you can find in the Library of Congress.
  • Chip’s a certified pastry chef and one day would like to open his own bakery.
  • Chip loves to cook any type of food, but each week it’s Taco Tuesday for dinner because we can’t get enough tacos.
  • Chip studied art history in college and is a pretty good artist himself.
  • Chip was a White House intern in the Social Secretary’s office, where met the Clintons, Bill Gates and Whoopi Goldberg.
  • Chip’s favorite musician is James Taylor and can do an impressive impression of his singing.
  • Chip has a green thumb, likes to garden and suffers from buying too many plants to put around the house.
  • Chip loves all superhero movies, even the bad ones.
  • Chip thought he was going to be an architect…or a singing dentist.  

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