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Chadd & Mari

Hello! We’re Mari and Chadd…

As you find yourself exploring adoption, we wish you peace in your decision.  We can never understand the difficult choice ahead.  However, we do appreciate the strength and love you have for your child and the need to find the right path.

Our journey through infertility has led us to building a family through adoption.  We are beyond excited at the potential of starting a family, as we both dream of being a mother and father.  We have so much love to give and cannot wait for the daily experiences that come with raising a child.

We appreciate you taking the time to review our profile.  Our hope is you come away with a small glimpse of who we are as a couple.  And we wish you much love in your journey.

Our Story


We met in Mari’s hometown of Pittsburgh over 20 years, and we’re married in 2004.  After a year of marriage, Chadd’s work transferred us to the northern suburbs of Chicago.  Chicagoland is our home now and we love it here.  As a couple, we are best described as opposites attract.  Mari is reserved and detailed oriented; Chadd is outgoing and a dreamer.  Our differences compliment each other very well and it’s helped us develop a strong relationship over the years. 


We settled in a far northern suburb of Chicagoland.  Our home is a 3 bedroom, 2-1/2 bath colonial less than a mile from the elementary school, and a mile from the high school.  Our Village is extremely family friendly, walkable, with plenty of engaging activities for kids and families.  Our home is also a walkable distance to our ‘downtown’ which includes a farmer’s market, restaurants, shops and a wonderful custard stand.


We feel fortunate that Chadd’s job will allow for Mari to be a stay-at-home mom.  We want to ensure our child feels loved and nurtured from the moment of arrival into the teenage years, adulthood and beyond. We look forward to daily routines of dinners, play time, bath time and bedtime stories.  We want to nurture a strong family bond and security in our unconditional love and support.  We want he or she to know, no matter what path they choose, we’re here for them.  We want them to embrace the process of growth and take joy in the journey of life.


We understand that this can be a challenging situation, but we want you to know that we welcome you into our life and we welcome any form of contact.  Our hope is for us to form a relationship with you.  Whether we exchange letters, emails, phone calls, photos or have visits at the park or museum, we would like to be in touch.  What is most important is that you feel welcomed and comfortable with us.  Our door will always be open.


We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us.  And if you do decide to take the next step with us, know you’ve made us extremely happy.  We look forward to getting to know you.  But, no matter what you decide, we wish you all the best for you and your child. 

Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Chadd
  1. Has steadily become a very good cook.  He prefers cooking spicy food and BBQ.  But he makes the best homemade tomato soup & grill cheese
  2. Played high school and (some) college basketball.  It remains his favorite sport. 
  3. Is an Ohio State and ALL Cleveland sports junkie.  He does root for the Bears, Cubs and Bulls when not playing Cleveland teams
  4. Once played pool with Joe Theisman (Retired NFL QB for the Washington Redskins)
  5. Avid Golfer, but not very good
  6. Is NOT a runner but has finished 5 Half Marathons
  7. Volunteers for PADS (homeless shelter) in the winter months
Fun Facts About Mari
  1. Grew up in a family where everyone spoke Italian. Although she understands it when her family is in conversation, she is not fluent.
  2. Loves to watch scary movies, with her hands over her face!
  3. Looks forward to the seasons changing.  Feels that every season is special in its own way.
  4. Favorite Holiday- Thanksgiving!
  5. Favorite color- Fall colors are pretty great, burnt orange and yellow, burgundy, dark rose
  6. Loves animals of all kinds
  7. Loves to dance and will often have dance parties, by herself!

"Chadd & Mari" Family Photos

  • Chicago Water Taxi
  • How long will the pizza take
  • Sophia & Scottie planning their day
  • Sophia helping with emails
  • Enjoying a sunny saturday
  • Fun in Scottsdale!
  • Happy New Year
  • Happy Halloween
  • On Our Way to Hilton Head
  • Beautiful Summer Day
  • Family
  • Golf Trip
  • Us!

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