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Candace & Chris

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. Though we are so excited about the prospect of becoming parents again, we know that this has been a long road for you, and that you are faced with tough decisions. Our goal is to show you who we are and how we parent through our pictures and our words. As a family, we feel fortunate to have found each other and spend our lives together. We look forward to sharing our love with your child.

Our Story

Becoming Family by Candace

Chris and I met in 2005 through an online dating site. After two years of dating, Chris proposed on New Year’s Eve and we were married in 2008. 

Candace & Chris photoI always pictured myself as a mother but I knew from an early age that I would have difficulty conceiving a child. When Chris and I first started dating, he would often talk about his desire to have children, and it would make me sad. I thought that once he knew that pregnancy would not be easy for me, he would not want to continue with our relationship. Being a dad was very important to him.

Little did I know, I had nothing to worry about! When I told him about my fertility issues, he was very supportive, and said that he was open to adoption. He told me that he had several family members who had joined his family through adoption. I was surprised to learn that even Chris’s sister was adopted when she was an infant. He knew first hand that strong families could result from adoption.

In 2014 we brought Christian home from the Cradle. It was the happiest day of our lives! However, our family still does not feel quite complete. We both have siblings, so we’d always dreamed of having more than one child. Every child brings something truly special to a family, and we look forward to seeing how our newest addition adds to our family dynamic. We look forward to seeing our child discover the world and how their little personality will enrich our family. 



                                      Our Life together by Chris  

Candace and I bought a 5 bedroom house in a suburban neighborhood in 2011. It was important for us to have a home that had plenty of room to raise a family. We love that our yard has plenty of room for Christian to run around a play. Every summer we enjoy hosting BBQ’s for our friends and family. They are all really looking forward to welcoming our new addition.

Our neighborhood is diverse in both people and amenities. We live in a quiet, family friendly community with good schools and plenty of area parks. We even live down the road from a park district that has a working farm. Kids are invited there to play and learn about the animals and nature. We love taking Christian to the park to ride his bike and play in the playground. We are eager to teach your child how to ride a bike so that they can ride along with his or her big brother.

Our neighbors just love Christian. One of them recently gave him a baseball glove. He is still a little small to use it but that does not mean that he doesn’t have a good arm. This winter, he got us both good with snowballs while we were playing in the yard. I cannot wait to see him play with his little sister or brother.






​​Travel by Chris

Candace and I have a tradition of taking at least one vacation a year. Our favorite trips were those that included family and friends. This January we had a group family vacation in Wisconsin Dells. Christian had a  great time playing with our friend’s kids in the indoor water parks.

We plan to take many family trips together and share our love of traveling with your child. Since bringing Christian home from the Cradle, he has been to Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Mexico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands. Did I mention that he is only 4! Last year we spent our anniversary on a Disney Cruise. We all had the time of our lives! Christian still talks about his trip to see Mickey Mouse. We look forward to sharing these experiences with your child as we plan to take many more family trips together.

​​Wishing you the best

We are so happy that you took the time to view our profile. We will always support and respect your connection with your child. Most importantly, they will always know they are loved by us all.  We wish you the best with whatever decision that you choose.




Fun Facts

  • Was once addicted to the sitcom the Big Bang Theory. She watched it every night before she went to sleep for about 2 years.
  • Has only one other sibling; a sister that is 14 years older that her.
  • Loves reggae music; although I don’t believe she has any idea what they are singing about.
  • Was happy when her niece and nephew became movie watching age, so that she did not have to go to kid movies by herself. Now our son is her movie buddy.
  • Is notorious for imitating people and doing funny voices.  She may have been a cartoon character in a former life.
  • Cuts his own hair. I think he does a pretty good job!
  • Loves history and science.  Our second date was to the Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Played the saxophone in school.  I am still waiting for him to play for me.
  • Has a wide variety of musical taste.  His favorites are Outcast, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and John Coltrane.
  • Is an accountant, but hates doing taxes.
  • Loves Star Trek, Star Wars… pretty much anything with “Star” in the name, but is way too cool to be labeled a Trekkie.

"Candace & Chris" Family Photos

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