"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -A.A. Milne

Hi.  We are Tom and Beth.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.  Having a family has always been important to us.  Both of us come from families that are full of love and togetherness.  We've always known we wanted children, but unfortunately due to medical reasons our plans got delayed.  We prayed about how to make our dream of a family come true and Beth kept getting the message that God gives you the family you are supposed to have.  For us this means adoption.

We are excited to grow our family through adoption.   Our lives are very blessed and we can only imagine how much richer it will be with a child to love and parent.   

About Us

They always say that love never knocks on your door... but that is exactly what happened to us. 

We were both members of the same parish and joined a small faith group to meet people.  Tom hosted the first meeting and Beth knocked on his door.  Tom wooed Beth for a little while before asking her out.  Our first date was coffee and we found we had a lot in common.  One thing we had in common was that for both of us our first live concert as children was Barry Manilow.   We were married in 2007.

We like to go to concerts and movies.  We go on "family walks" with Gatsby, our dog.  We like to travel but love being home.

One thing that drew us together was our shared values of family, faith, and hard work.  This has helped us navigate life's challenges and also allows us to appreciate the small joys in life.

About Tom By Beth

I love Tom for many reasons but one thing I love most about him is that he is extraordinarily kind-hearted.  He is open, respectful, and accepting towards almost everyone he meets.  Because of that kind heart we cannot watch any movie where a dog gets hurt or dies... otherwise Tom falls apart.  He is patient and loves me and so many others with his heart on his sleeve.

Tom has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh.  Sometimes his jokes are more corny than funny but because he is cracking himself up you cannot help but laugh along.

Tom is very smart.  I am always impressed at his accomplishments and his "math brain."  He uses those talents to tutor our niece in physics and to mentor young college engineering students.

Tom is always encouraging and supportive.  He encourages me to pursue my dreams of writing and gives me the time to attend writing workshops, socialize with girlfriends, or just have some quiet time.

Because of these qualities, I know Tom will be an amazing father.  Our child will always have a champion in their corner, a father that encourages them to be the best person they can be, who will feel their pain and hurt deeply, and who will never let them forget how loved they are.

About Beth By Tom

Beth is such an amazing woman that there is a lot to love about her.

She is the most genuine, sincere person I know... and she is super-intelligent too!

Since meeting and falling in love with her, Beth has opened my heart and mind to many wonderful things in life and shared freely of herself.  Shortly after meeting, Beth told me she wanted to get a dog.  I had never really had a dog, but I knew they were a lot of work... so at first I wasn't sure about this.  Well... it's safe to say it didn't take long for me to bond with the dog and realize how much I actually liked them... something I might never have discovered without her.

I know from the way Beth treats people - not just her friends or family - but everyone she meets, that she will make an amazing mother, giving a child as much love, care, and support as anyone possibly can.

I can't wait to bring a child into our family, especially to see how Beth nurtures them and selflessly gives of herself to keep the new addition happy and healthy.

No one could ask for a better mother than Beth, and no one could feel more love than the child we welcome into our home.


We want our child to know you in whatever way you feel comfortable.  We are open to regular emails, pictures, and visits.  We do understand that this is a very personal decision and look forward to talking with you about it in person.

Home and Family

We live in the same suburb of Chicago where Beth grew up.  We live very close to good schools and parks. We also live very close to  Beth’s mom and her two brothers and their families.

Tom’s family lives in Buffalo, New York, which we visit several times a year.  Because he comes from a large family, we always have many siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins to visit.

Our families are very excited to welcome our child and love him or her.


We both plan to take some time off when our child comes home.  Beth will take more time off than Tom.  Beth only works in the office three days each week.  So when she needs to return to work, we plan for only part-time childcare.  In the beginning Beth's mom and sister-in-law will handle childcare on those three week days.  As our child gets a little older, we will most likely transition to daycare.  We have a wonderful daycare center just two blocks from our house.  They plan many activities for their students, have both an indoor and outdoor playground, and because it is housed in a senior citizen community, have some of their residents come for cuddles and playtime. 

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us better.  We are sincere in our commitment to openness and look forward to talking more with you about this.  We promise to raise our child to be the special and unique person they are and to love them with all our hearts.  You are in our prayers.

Fun facts

  • I am a writer and a blogger for fun.  I have wanted to be a writer since I was in third grade and won an award for a book I wrote about my dog, Widget.
  • Christmas is my favorite holiday followed by the 4th of July.   I love Christmas lights and wish we could keep them up year round.
  • I read all the time.  I probably read at least one book a week.  My favorite stories are historical fiction and fiction.
  • I have a regular yoga practice. I am not very flexible but it helps clear my mind. 
  • I love country music.  Some of my favorite singers are Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Kelsey Ballerini and Lady Antebellum.
  • I like to do art projects even though I can't draw.
  • I learned how to juggle during junior high gym class and can still juggle tennis balls and scarves.
  • My favorite food is macaroni and cheese, either out-of-the-box or homemade.
  • My favorite vacations are on a lake in Wisconsin.
  • I work in information security and have always enjoyed trying to break computers and electronics to learn more.
  • I enjoy running... I ran cross country in high school and have run for fun ever since.  I ran a marathon once but will never do that again.
  • My hobbies include coin and stamp collecting.  I've done both ever since I was a kid... I started by going through two huge jars of pennies that my dad had.
  • I like watching professional Buffalo sports teams - mostly Bills football and Sabres hockey - on TV.
  • I like listening to music and going to concerts on occasion.  Bryan Adams is my all-time favorite singer, but I listen to B96 and like newer music like Hailee Steinfeld and Ariana Grande.
  • I like action movies... films like Jason Bourne, James Bond, and Mission Impossible.
  • I used to listen to shortwave radio and have confirmed reception reports from over 50 countries.
  • My favorite food is pepperoni pizza!  I could eat it every day!

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