We are best friends who believe in living out our dreams as a team - and being optimists and change-agents to make our world a better place. We share a deep commitment to family and a dream of being dads.  We are total opposites who balance each other out. Todd's the life of the party, funny, and doesn't take himself too seriously. Andrew is thoughtful, detail oriented, and nurturing. We both are determined, strong-willed, and have been career-focused. But now, we are looking forward to a shift in priorities and know we will be suckers to our child who will be our everything. We both spent a lot of time on our careers and ourselves and now feel so ready to turn our attention on raising a special child to realize their full potential and be a light in the world.


About Todd

Todd grew up on the north side of Chicago. He’s an entrepreneur and "man about town." He was in the Navy, ran for for public office, worked for Chicago Public Schools, and has started two businesses as well as the not-for-profit organization he currently runs that helps military veterans start their own businesses. He makes friends everywhere he goes. He's the first one to cry at emotional times, put on a "Princess Katherine" puppet show for the kids, and lose his keys.

About Andrew

Andrew comes from a large modern family in Los Angeles and spent 12 years living in New York before settling down in Chicago 6 years ago. He works for an investment company as the Chief Compliance Officer, but his favorite title these days is “Uncle.” He loves nature and the outdoors as well as yoga and running. He’s super family-oriented and sentimental - he saves everything. He's also thoughtful, loyal, nurturing, and spiritual.

Our Home

We live in a 3 unit building in the Southport Corridor of Chicago, a popular neighborhood with tons of young families near Wrigley Field (go Cubs!). We have a deck and backyard and within walking distance are great restaurants, shops, parks, community centers, our favorite ice cream shop, and one of the best public schools in Chicago. We rarely drive in the city - choosing to walk or take public transportation. While we love the city life, it's nice to get a break - so, we head to our cabin in Indiana where we spend a lot of our weekends relaxing, cooking, hiking, and entertaining a constant stream of friends & family. Our child(ren) will learn to appreciate the rich diversity, energy, and culture of city life, and also the important and restorative experience of being together as a family with quiet time on the weekends “in the woods” at our second house.

Promise, Diversity & Openness

We will not be perfect parents. We are not perfect people. What we promise is to love the child we hope to bring home - love with all that we have. And, we will always seek to be better people and parents, and to fight for a better world, for our child(ren).

We value all the diversity that we have in our lives and will feel fortunate to parent a child of any race. Whatever race that might be, we promise to surround whoever comes into our lives with a rich and diverse community of people with both similarities and differences to all of us.

We are committed to an open and honest relationship with you, the mother, and one that respects your needs and your wishes. We believe in the power that openness has in this wholeprocess, if it works for everyone involved. We are open to exchanging photos and updates, keeping in touch through phone, text, email, and visits.

Our Wishful Child Care Plan

When we welcome a baby into our home, our plan is to both be home for the first few months to nest and get to know each other. Andrew may stay home longer term, and if he does go back to work, we will hire a full-time nanny in our home. Also, our entire extended families are so ready to swoop in and be a part of this baby's life.

Peace & Love

You have the most amazing gift to offer. We know this is a very difficult and courageous crossroad for you. But, we are believers in things happening for a reason - often in ways we cannot possibly know in the moment. We wish you peace as you make the best decision for you and this baby. We believe that it will all work out exactly the way it is supposed to.

Fun facts

  • Most proud of... his family
  • Super power... remembers everything. Literally everything
  • If I'm honest.... he's a a bit of hippy
  • Known for... making people feel comfortable and at home
  • Surprised to learn... he works in Finance - everyone thinks he’s a writer or musician because of his long hair (and subtle hippy vibe)
  • Annoying thing about Andrew... he can’t throw anything away
  • Kids love him for... staying up late, smore's, and always giving the exact perfect gift
  • Sometimes seen...with a ponytail on the way to yoga
  • Obsession...shopping
  • Dream... launch a wellness center for groups of people to be transformed


  • Most proud of... starting a non-profit to help military veterans
  • Super Power... can relate to anybody
  • If I'm honest... wants to look fit but hates working out
  • Known for... losing his keys
  • Surprised to learn...he doesn't know how to turn on the TV or use cable
  • Annoying thing about Todd... walking down the street and constantly running into people he knows
  • Kids love him for... his puppet shows and face-timing uncle Toddy Woddy
  • Sometimes seen... biking around downtown Chicago wearing a suit
  • Obsession...reality TV
  • Dream... a nicer society where people are taken care of and can pursue their dreams

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