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Alexa & Keith

Hello! We are Keith and Alexa. We cannot begin to understand the emotions you are juggling in your mind and heart. Please know of our thoughts, prayers, love, and support for you during this time. We believe that you will make the decision that is right for you and your child.

Our Story

We are college sweethearts who enjoy pretty much any activity outdoors (hiking, biking, and camping). We love to read, travel, and spend time with family and friends. We enjoy country music concerts and take the train into Chicago as much as we can to attend theater performances or try new breweries and restaurants. We never pass up an opportunity for dance and laughter. We are HUGE Packer fans and make it a point to visit Lambeau for a game as often as possible.

We always knew we wanted to be parents and have talked about what family life will look like for us ever since we started dating 13 years ago. Although we tried to create a family on our own, our Catholic faith led us to where we are now and we trust in God’s plan for us. We moved to Illinois from Green Bay about three years ago for Keith’s job. This was a difficult decision for us, but we trusted that it would lead us on a new adventure and we’ve fallen in love with the area. Now that it has collided with our adoption journey, we have been reassured that it was the right choice for us.

We hope that an open adoption will give your child a sense of where they come from and the certainty that they were loved from the earliest moment of their life. We look forward to sharing moments with you and working with you to develop open communication to the level you are most comfortable with.

As we anticipate sharing our faith and adventures with a child, we also value the importance of embracing their cultural heritage and their individual experience with adoption. If we are blessed with a child of a different ethnic background than our own, we commit to cooking foods from their culture and learning about their heritage by reading and visiting cultural museums. We will also strive to surround them with doctors, teachers, and mentors of similar backgrounds.

We always call ourselves a team and we are so looking forward to expanding our team through adoption. We believe we have a lot to offer as parents and will do everything in our power to provide a healthy and happy life for your child, just like our parents provided for us.

Fun Facts

  • Studied and lived in Galway, Ireland for 6 months.
  • Can recite every Friends episode word for word.
  • Hated country music before dating Keith and now she’s hooked.
  • Favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl.
  • Loves Cheetos and all forms of potatoes.
  • Born a Yooper (upper peninsula of Michigan), eh… but grew up in Green Bay, WI.
  • Marched in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City as a freshman.
  • On the hunt to find the best chicken wings.
  • First time on a plane was to Europe for 2 weeks of soccer tournaments… we didn’t win a game.
  • March Madness college basketball tournament is one of my favorite times of the year.

"Alexa & Keith" Family Photos

  • Cheering for the Badgers at Camp Randall!
  • Walking our dog, Leinie, through our neighborhood.
  • Cheering for the Packers at Lambeau Field!
  • Billy Joel concert with Lex’s parents and aunt & uncle.
  • Hanging out at home with our parents.
  • Dinner out with Keith’s brothers and their significant others.
  • A recent vacation to Harry Potter World!
  • Keith rocking out on guitar with our nephew.
  • Celebrating a wedding with Keith’s friends from high school.
  • Hiking on the trails near our house.
  • Lex and our niece staying hydrated while camping.
  • Annual camping trip with Lex’s side of the family.
  • Keith trying to out-swing our niece.
  • Celebrating the end of a sweaty hike in San Diego.
  • With Lex’s extended family on our yearly vacation Up North.
  • Hiking the sand dunes in Michigan.
  • Lex’s closest friends from college.
  • Segway tour with our parents in Door County, WI.
  • Celebrating a family wedding with Keith’s brother & his fiancé.
  • Lex and “the girls” on family vacation Up North.

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