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Alex & Ryan

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you a little about ourselves. We cannot imagine the challenging decisions you are facing and we hope you are able to find peace and happiness through this process, no matter your decision.

We promise to raise our future child in a loving and supportive household that celebrates their personal history and their birth family.  We are so excited to grow our family and we will be proudly open about adoption and how our family was created. 

Our Story

About us

We are an online dating success story, sort of! We met online in 2011, but discovered shortly after beginning talking that we had many friends in common and might have actually met in person before "meeting" online.  In a short amount of time our separate groups of friends became one happy "family" and we moved in together after a year of dating.  From there, we have grown as a couple and got married in 2015 surrounded by both of our families, dancing the night away!

We have a fun and cozy life that includes our dog and cats, traveling, spending time with our wonderful family and friends, watching the Cubs, and exploring all over Chicago. We cannot wait to share all of these amazing people and places with our future child.

Ryan on Alex

Alex is the best thing that could have ever happened to me because of the ways that we're similar but also the ways that we're different. Like me, he's perfectly content to spend a night at home on our couch watching Netflix with our dog Mackey. Unlike me, that's not the only thing he wants to do and he pushes me into great experiences I would have missed otherwise. He's the reason we've been hot air ballooning, skydiving, and bridge climbing in Australia. I'm confident he's going to help our future child develop their identity, encouraging them to try new activities, new sports, and make new friends. Our child will learn to have confidence in their ability to succeed at anything they are passionate about.

Alex is a great balance for me in so many ways, but his best quality is that he is steady and supportive. I always know that Alex will support me if I am going through a difficult time because that's what he's always done. I am incredibly grateful to have an unwavering support system in Alex, and I am excited for our future child to be able to rely on his steady loyalty, love, and guidance. I know our child will be able to count on him to be there for them in the same way that I have.

Alex on Ryan

I knew very quickly after meeting Ryan on our first date that he was the man I wanted to marry and build a future with.  One of the first things that I noticed about Ryan is that he is full of compassion for others.  He has dedicated his career and a lot of his personal time to helping others and constantly puts the needs of others before his own - both with strangers and within our relationship.  I am constantly inspired by his passion when it comes to social justice, charity and community service.  He makes me want to be a better person and has helped me to realize the importance of using my skills to give back to our community.  While I tend to be more analytical, Ryan will be an example to our future child of how to be emotionally intelligent.

Ryan's compassion, empathy and love are going to be his greatest assets when it comes to being a father.  Our future child will have an amazing example of how to live a life that improves the lives of others around them.  Despite claiming to be an introvert, Ryan can connect with anyone he meets - new friends, colleagues or strangers on the street all have giant grins on their faces when talking with Ryan.

Our families and friends

Ryan was born in California, but later moved to the Chicago suburbs where he grew up through middle and high school. Ryan's family is small but tight-knit with only his mom and dad in Chicago, his Aunt Pam in Boston, and his cousin Amelia and her husband Miles in New York. Ryan's parents just moved to the city with their 7 cats and 2 dogs (seriously!), in no small part to be close to their future grandchild! With Aunt Pam and cousin Amelia on the east coast, we always prioritize getting together over holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it never feels like we've been apart at all. All of Ryan's family is excited for us to welcome another member to the family through adoption!

Alex grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio with his parents and his sister, Liz. Alex's Uncle Paul and Aunt Terri and their kids, cousins Laura and Jeff also lived nearby and were always mainstays at family gatherings.  While all of Alex's immediate family are still proud Ohioans, none of them actually live there anymore. Alex's parents, sister, brother-in-law, and our two nephews, Lincoln and Bennett, live in Omaha, Nebraska (literally across the street from each other!). Alex's sister has a baby girl due later this year, so we're playing catch up by having our first! We are so excited for our child to grow lifelong relationships with their extended family in Ohio and cousins, aunt and uncle, and grandparents in Nebraska!

Friends are the family you choose and we're very grateful for our chosen family. In Chicago and around the country we have close friends from both of our high schools, colleges, and workplaces. Most nights are spent simply hanging out and watching movies, playing board games, or going out to dinner. But we also have a number of special occasion traditions that we cherish. Some of our favorites are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with Laura (our Canadian friend!) and John, surprise birthday parties that are never actually a surprise with Quentin and Ellen, pigging out on ramen noodles for Chinese New Year with Tommy and Parissa, and throwing a party at our house for the gay pride parade with all of our closest friends.

We spend so much of our free time with friends that in the end, our friends make up some of the best parts of our lives. They're people who we want to play a big role in the life of our future child because they collectively have so many qualities that we admire and want our future child to learn from.

Fun Facts

  • Loves to cook at home and makes dinner almost every night. He even cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 15 family members!
  • Has been skydiving, parasailing, paragliding and bridge climbing.
  • Loves to get together with friends and play board games!
  • Loves to take care of our yard and work in his vegetable garden.
  • Traveled to Turkey, Macedonia, Bosnia, Serbia, Greece and Croatia.
  • Loves musical theater and seeing shows in both New York City and around Chicago.
  • Enjoys hosting parties at our house for friends and family.
  • Is obsessed with the TV show LOST.
  • Is very good at puzzles and has spent weeks on a single puzzle!
  • Started taking piano lessons last year and played the trumpet growing up.
  • Has an eye for interior decorating and loves getting new pieces for the house.
  • Works as an occupational therapist, but before that he was a social worker.
  • Is mostly a vegetarian, but still eats fish from time to time.
  • Likes to run and has run the Chicago Marathon.
  • Enjoys commuting to work by bike whenever it's warm enough.
  • Is an avid reader and reads at least a book or two every month.
  • Used to volunteer at a crisis hotline for homeless young people.
  • Loves the Star Wars franchise and recently completed a 2,500 piece Star Wars Lego set.
  • Will eat anything chocolate!
  • His great-great-great grandfather coined the term “the windy city.”
  • His first name is actually Anderson. Ryan is his middle name!
  • Loves all sports - Cubs baseball, Blackhawks hockey and Liverpool soccer.

"Alex & Ryan" Family Photos

  • Walking down the aisle at our wedding.
  • Preparing the turkey for 15 family members at Thanksgiving!
  • Getting together with Alex’s family in Nebraska.
  • After a day of biking around Sydney, Australia on our honeymoon.
  • A Canadian Thanksgiving feast with friends!
  • Making a new friend in Australia on our honeymoon.
  • At the pride parade with our friends Kevin and Tanya.
  • With both of our parents at our wedding.
  • Stacking blocks with Lincoln, our nephew!
  • Seeing the sights in Toronto!
  • Celebrating after the Cubs won game 5 of the World Series!
  • The day we adopted our dog, Mackey.
  • The hot air balloon we got engaged on in Colorado!
  • Story time with our nephews, Lincoln and Bennett!
  • Dancing at our friend’s wedding!

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